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Welcome to AudioWuxia, your ultimate destination for all things Wuxia. Immerse yourself in a world of ancient China, where martial arts legends and warriors come to life through our exclusive collection of Wuxia audiobooks.

Our comprehensive library is packed with epic stories, action-packed adventures, chivalry and romance, and ancient Chinese stories that will transport you to another time and place. 

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Embark on a journey through ancient China with our wuxia audiobooks.

Audiowuxia is bringing you the best Wuxia & fantasy literature to life in entertaining Audio in which your beloved martial artists are always fighting for justice and righteousness besides bold in pursuing love!

If you’re a fan of the Wuxia genre, or simply looking for an exciting new way to enjoy stories of ancient China, please explore and discover our world of Wuxia legends today.

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Get lost in a world of warriors, martial arts, and romance with our wuxia audiobooks!


Step into the world of ancient China with our exclusive wuxia audiobooks. Immerse yourself in epic stories of martial arts, chivalry, and romance, brought to life by our talented voice actors.

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Living in the Jianghu, the Abode of Lakes and Rivers that form All the Romantic Settings of Wuxia Series

Listen To This Episode from the Legend of the Swordsmen from the Magic Shu Mountains

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Join the adventure with our hand-picked selection of the best wuxia audiobooks. Get access to hundreds of hours of action-packed stories, perfect for long journeys or relaxing at home.

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Legend of Ancient Sword

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Get swept away by the thrilling stories of wuxia with our exclusive audiobook collection. Discover a world of warriors, martial arts, and romance, all narrated by talented voice actors.

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Unlock a world of ancient legends with our comprehensive collection of wuxia audiobooks. From action-packed battles to forbidden love stories, our audiobooks are the perfect way to experience the wuxia genre.

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