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Against the Gods

Prologue alyschu’s Thoughts

Against the Gods

On Mythical Abode Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff was the deadliest of the Four Deadly Regions on Azure Cloud Continent. Cloud’s End Cliff was often called the Death God’s Graveyard. During the countless years, people who have fallen off this cliff was too many to count; none-had survived, including three peak experts with overwhelming might akin to the Heavenly Kings themselves.

At this moment, on the edge of this cliff, a black-haired black-eyed youth leaned on the side of a rock that measured two people in height. There was blood everywhere on top of his black clothing with many open wounds on his person. He was on the rock for just a few breaths worth of time yet a pool of blood was already beneath his feet.

His chest heaved and it could be said that the pace at which he breathed was heavy enough to cause fear in a person. On his entire body, every one of his muscles trembled slightly indicating his exhaustion and loss of strength. If it were not for this giant rock, he probably would not even be able to stand on his own. However, both of his eyes were cold and calm like two cold blades, shining with the ferocity of wolves. The edge of his mouth sneered with extreme disdain.

In front of him stood a dark crowd of people that blocked all his escape routes.

“Yun Che, You’re cornered! If you obey us and hand over the Sky Poison Pearl, perhaps we may allow you to live!”

“Today we’re going to enforce justice on behalf of heaven to get rid of this scourge! If you hurry up and quickly surrender the Sky Poison Pearl, we can let you die a happy death or you will taste the pain of a thousand blades in your heart.”

“Yun Che! Stop being so stubborn, your only way out is to hand over the Sky Poison Pearl! You’re unworthy of such a holy object.”

Waves of roars came from the crowd, with everyone there shouting words like justice and righteousness. If anyone from the Azure Cloud Continent passed by, they would be stunned by this scene. This dark crowd of people consisted of the strongest clans of the Azure Cloud Continent. The leaders of the clans were all present, and even some of the forgotten old members were there as well. It was not too far-fetched to say that if one pick anyone out from this crowd, he would be someone that can shake any region.

Now, they were all gathered for this youth who had been pushed to the edge of this cliff. Specifically, for the Sky Poison Pearl in his hand—the number one holy object of Azure Cloud Continent.

While slowly approaching, the crowd shouted with threatening menace. When the Sky Poison Pearl finally showed up again, they were faced with this irresistible treasure once more. After hunting for three full days, they could not wait to harvest the fruits of their labor.

“You guys… want this… Sky Poison Pearl?”

Yun Che laughed coldly. As he slowly raised his right hand, a jade green ball with a dim radiance appeared in his hand. The moment this pearl glowed, everyone stopped in their tracks. Staring tightly at the green pearl, their eyes shone with greed.

To Yun Che, these people who were strong enough to scare the world looked filthy and sly. He slowly raised his eyes. Although cornered, his pupils shone with arrogance and mockery. Clear hatred was deep in his eyes. “My master spent his life trying to save the world; he saved countless people seeking neither benefit nor fame but because of this Sky Poison Pearl, you guys from the so-called righteous sects killed my master seven years ago.”

“I hate… hate myself for being so useless. That I didn’t finish all of you dog shit righteous sects off in these seven years!”

Every word of his contained deep-seated hatred. Although it had been seven years, just thinking about the death of his master still made bloody tears stream down the edge of his eyes.

Yun Che did not know who his parents were for when his master found him, it seemed like he was only a few days old. It was deep in the spring time when his master picked up Yun Che. The clouds were scattered, the wind was light, the mountain spiritual, and the water crystal clear. He named the child Yun Che, in hopes his heart would be as pure as clouds and as clear as water; so that when he grew up, he would inherit his craft as a healer to rescue the dying and cure the injured with a heart void of corruption.

No matter how serious the disease or trauma, Master could clear them all. This was due to the Sky Poison Pearl hidden in his body. The two words “Sky Poison” meant that this pearl was highly toxic, but medicine and poison were of the same origin. Master never used its poison; he only used alchemy to extract, melt and in the end produce holy medicines to save millions of lives. He taught all his medical skills to Yun Che thoroughly, but seven years ago, word of his Sky Poison Pearl was spread. He gave it to Yun Che and told him to escape. Shortly afterwards, he died at the hands of the major sects.

When news of his master’s death reached Yun Che, he cried for three days and three nights. The root of hatred was firmly planted inside his heart and he no longer practiced in the medicinal arts. Instead, he absorbed poison from the pearl; revenge became his only belief. After seven years he mastered the poison and bared the fangs of revenge. In less than ten days, the poison spread not only thousands of miles, killing countless people, but also panic and horror throughout the Azure Cloud Continent. It attracted the strong and mighty for they were fascinated by this treasure. This started the hunt of Yun Che in order to obtain the Sky Poison Pearl, to the situation right now.

He glared at everyone in his field of vision with hatred in his eyes and laughed coldly. As soon as his laughter reached the level of ice, he roared, “You son of a b*tches, you want my Sky Poison Pearl… You. Are. All. Daydreaming!!”

After making this deep proclamation, Yun Che suddenly raised his hand and threw the Sky Poison Pearl in his mouth. He then pushed the pearl down his throat and it instantly rushed straight into his stomach.

“What…. What are you doing!”

“He actually… swallowed the Sky Poison Pearl!”

“Yun Che! Do you want to die that badly!”

“It’s fine, no big deal, we will kill him and take the pearl!”

The Sky Poison Pearl entered his body, but the poison didn’t spread out in his body and kill him like they thought it would. A faint green light emitted from the surface of his body.

“Kill him now! Otherwise the Sky Poison Pearl may change inside his body. That would be a huge problem!”

Roaring, a dozen people in the front row went for Yun Che at the same time. Looking at the figures of the people he wanted to destroy, Yun Che began to laugh. His laughter was weak and dry but still very arrogant, “I don’t have the ability to kill you guys, but don’t think that you can kill me! You pieces of trash are not worthy of this Sky Poison Pearl and even more unworthy of killing me. If I die, I would die by my own hands! Hahahaha…”

After laughing Yun Che used every bit of his last strength to jump backwards.

“Stop him!!!”

Several hands reached out to Yun Che after realizing his intent but could not even grasp half his shadow. They could only watch as his body free fell down into the valley.

Cloud’s End Cliff, it is very suitable for my, Yun Che’s grave…… (TL: Yun = Cloud)

There is nothing to hold me back for I no longer have ties in this world. Unfortunately… I could not avenge my master… nor find my biological parents.

Yun Che gently held the silver pendant in front of his chest. It was the only thing he had on him when his master found him. The wind screamed past his ears as he slowly closed his eyes and let his body plunge deep into the seemingly endless dark abyss.

Chapter 1 – Yun Che, Xiao Che

Yun Che’s consciousness gradually awakened.

What’s going on… How is it that I have not died? I vividly remember that I jumped off Cloud’s End Cliff, how can I still be alive! Somehow my body is not in pain… And I do not even feel the slightest discomfort? How is this happening?

Yun Che suddenly opened his eyes and quickly sat up. He found himself in a comfortably soft bed, with a red banner hanging above him, rendering a festive atmosphere.

“Ah! Little Che! You… You woke up!”

A girl’s gasp of surprise was heard from his ear and the same girl appeared in his line of sight.

At a glance the girl dressed in green looked to be fifteen to sixteen years of age. She was as fair as snow with charming rosy lips and a delicate nose. A touching look of deep surprise was expressed by eyes as clear and transparent as a pool of translucent spring water. Her face exuded a dazzling gentleness and softness. At this young age, she already exhibited such charm, so who can possibly imagine what sort of beauty she would be in the future?

Staring at the nearby girl, Yun Che took a closer look and unconsciously let two words escape his lips, “Little Aunt?”

The fair girl lifted her jade-like hands onto Yun Che’s forehead and relaxed soon after. With a joyful expression, she spoke, “How delightful, your temperature is almost back to normal. You nearly scared me to death. Little Che, are you okay? Tell me if you feel uncomfortable anywhere.”

In the face of the girl’s eyes that filled with deep concern, Yun Che woodenly shook his head. He stared openly into space with a vacant gaze.

“Rest here for a while, I’ll go and tell your grandpa that you’re awake. Today is your day! When you fainted, your grandfather almost went crazy and personally went to find Doctor Situ for you.”

The girl was in such a rush that she did not notice the abnormality of Yun Che’s current state. She pushed Yun Che’s shoulders, signaling him to lie back on the bed and hurriedly left.

As the door shut Yun Che sat up on the bed, hands clutching his head.

This was one of the cities in the far east located in one of the Seven Empires of the Profound Sky Continent—Floating Cloud City. And he was the only grandson of the fifth elder of the Xiao Clan—Xiao Che! He had just turned sixteen this year.

That was his current identity.

Suddenly, his memory overlapped with the Azure Cloud Continent’s twenty or so years of memory and he burst into confusion.

If I am Xiao Che… Then why do I have memories of the Azure Cloud Continent?

Is it because I traveled to this body after I died in the Azure Cloud Continent?

No! I am obviously Xiao Che! This entire room is familiar to me and I clearly remember all the events of my childhood. Everything from my memory was from personal experience and there is no way I would steal another’s memory!

Then was everything from the Azure Cloud Continent all just a dream? Was it only after I jumped off Cloud’s End Cliff that I truly woke up?

But the memories of living in Azure Cloud Continent were as clear as day. How could those twenty-four years of love and hatred be only just a dream!

What the hell is going on?

Yun Che… The current Xiao Che stilled for a long time as he slowly calmed down and settled his thoughts.

It was still early in the morning and the sky had not fully brightened. Today was his and Xia Clan’s big wedding day. Two hours ago he was woken up by his Little Aunt and put on his red wedding robe. He ate the porridge his Little Aunt personally made and lost all the strength in his body. He did not remember anything that happened after that.

He did not wake up until now.

A strange smell came from his lips and Xiao Che’s lips tucked slightly. His expression darkened.

This is… Murdering Heart Powder!!

In those years that he lived on the Azure Cloud Continent, with the Sky Poison Pearl in his body, Yun Che learned about all the poisons present in the entire world and it could be said that there was no poison he was not familiar with. He could identify a poison’s name and effect with just a whiff. At the same time, because the Sky Poison Pearl, he was impervious. He could not be hurt by any poison, no matter how toxic it was.

Murdering Heart Powder was made by combining a unique soul grass and the purple striae from a cherry-apple tree. If dissolved in water, the poison was colorless and tasteless. A person would lose his life ten seconds after the poison entered the body and no one would know the cause of death for it was also a traceless poison.

Xiao Che’s eyes clouded over and instantly understood what had happened.

In fact, he did not really faint. Instead, he drank the porridge containing the Murdering Heart Powder and was poisoned to death! He was born in the Azure Cloud Continent but after he leapt off Cloud’s End Cliff…. he was actually reincarnated in this world inside a dead body!

If one were to hear this, it would sound like it was a fantastical story, but that was the only reasoning Xiao Che could imagine!

Wait a minute…. if it really was like that, then this body should have no antitoxin ability. How come he was safe from the Murdering Heart Powder on his lips when the previous body’s owner died not too long ago?

A slightly strange feeling came from the palm of his left hand. Xiao Che lifted his left hand and was surprised to find that there was a circular green imprint on his palm.

This shape, this color, this size…. was clearly the same as the Sky Poison Pearl!

Before jumping off Cloud’s End Cliff, he had desperately swallowed the Sky Poison Pearl but he did not actually know what would happen to him. This mark on his hand was unexpectedly the Sky Poison Pearl and it actually crossed over with him to this world!

As if in a trance, Xiao Che stared at the Sky Poison Pearl and subconsciously whispered. “Sky Poison Pearl….”

As his voice dropped off, the green mark on his palm suddenly released a green light. Immediately, a slight dizziness came over him and he unconsciously closed his eyes. When he opened them, his entire world was flooded in green.

This world of green was wide and open. There were no boundaries to be seen and there was a faint aura of the Sky Poison Pearl throughout this space. After a long daze, Xiao Che understood, that he had entered the world inside the Sky Poison Pearl.

Who would have thought that inside the Sky Poison Pearl, there would be such a wide and open world! What was even more unimaginable was that after he’d eaten the Sky Poison Pearl without thinking of the consequences, the Sky Poison Pearl had actually traveled along with him, and even seemed to have become a part of his body.

If there was a way in, there had to be a way out.

Xiao Che closed his eyes, and concentrated his thoughts. Suddenly, the world of green hastily dissipated, and when he opened his eyes again, in his vision, was the room he was familiar with.

Staring at the faint green mark in his palm, Xiao Che slowly smiled… Even though it was not known why this ridiculous event occurred, not only had he reincarnated, but also retained memories from both lives. Maybe, even the gods couldn’t watch the suffering of the two lives, took pity, and gave him a chance to live again!

Yun Che was the victim of persecution from Azure Cloud Continent’s countless strongest individuals. Although he died in the end, he shook the world by himself; how awe-inspiring and astonishing was that! However, his body right now, was only average… no, speaking without restraints, it could be considered the epitome of weakness.

In the Profound Sky Continent, profound strength was most important. Although Xiao Che was born in the Xiao Clan, and was even the grandchild of the strongest Fifth Elder Xiao Lie, his profound strength was still at at the first level of the Elementary Profound Realm even though he was already sixteen. He started training when he was seven and half, entered the first level of the Elementary Profound at the age of eight, and then didn’t improve for an entire eight years. He was mocked by all of Xiao Clan. Afterwards, Xiao Lie invited Floating Cloud City’s top class doctor Doctor Situ to examine his body, and shockingly found that Xiao Che was born with damaged profound veins. The damage was so severe that it was almost impossible to recover from. In this state, Xiao Che would stagnate at first level of the Elementary Profound Realm, and could never improve further no matter how hard he worked.

Even if he trained with his life on the line, he would stay at first level of the Elementary Profound Realm his entire life. This kind of person was unquestionably the lowest existence in the Profound Sky Continent, and was a total laughingstock within the Xiao Clan. If not for his grandfather Xiao Lie being the strongest in Xiao Clan, who also could even be said to be the strongest in the Floating Cloud City, no one would bat an eye against him.

Xiao Clan was one of the three major families that trained in the ways of the profound in Floating Cloud City and has limitless strong entities. In the large number of youths coming forth from the same generation, Xiao Che could be said to be an unnecessary existence. Even if he died some day, not many except a few would care. But there were some today that actually tried to murder him using the extremely hard to obtain and expensive Murdering Heart Powder. Xiao Che clearly knew the reason why now.

Because today was the wedding day between him and Xia Qingyue.

Xia Qingyue, being the same age as him, was also sixteen. However, at such a young age, her profound strength was stated to have reached the tenth level of the Elementary Profound Realm, almost breaking out of the elementary level and stepping into the Nascent Profound Realm. She was the only one in a hundred years that had reached this level of profound strength at the age of sixteen in the Xia Clan. There were even rumors that if she continued to develop this way, she would be the first person in the history of the Xia Clan to ever step into the Earth Profound Realm a few decades later… or may even be able to reach the Sky Profound Realm that no one in Floating Cloud City had even thought of reaching in the past few centuries!

More importantly, she was not only shockingly astute, but also extremely beautiful, and was considered to be the most beautiful girl by all of Floating Cloud City. All of Floating Cloud City’s youths with some level of competency drooled over her. If the Xia Clan started looking for grooms, the line waiting would probably be long enough to stretch between the south and north gates of Floating Cloud City.

This pinnacle of a girl with both intelligence and beauty in the Floating Cloud City, was actually marrying the generation’s most worthless youth with no future at all. Who knew how many people were stomping their feet in anger and jealousy… This was wholly a case of a dazzling lotus flower planted on a pile of manure that no one would even bother to look at.

The ones that had unrequited love for Xia Qingyue of course held both extreme jealousy and hatred towards Xiao Che. Even more were unwilling to give up… and would try to assassinate him by poison. As the current Xiao Che thought about it, this situation didn’t seem to be bizarre at all.

“Women are really the root of troubles.” Xiao Che got off the bed, stood up, and soliloquized. But as he thought of the beauty and charm of Xia Qingyue that could tip over a whole city, he opened his mouth and laughed heartily, “Still, I get to marry such a bride, this really is a good beginning.”

Chapter 2 – Losing Control

At this time, he was wearing a red wedding robe in a room plastered everywhere with “double happiness” red cloth. Last night, his grandfather Xiao Lie and his aunt Xiao Lingxi personally arranged this handiwork. His bedroom had been transformed into a wedding room.

Suddenly, the door opened and an ethereal figure hastily came in. Xiao Che immediately stood up and smiled, “Little Aunt, is grandfather back?”

Xiao Lingxi was Xiao Lie’s daughter from when he was middle-aged. Although she was Xiao Che’s aunt, she had only turned fifteen this year and was one year younger than Xiao Che. She was still quite young but her beauty was already charmingly touching. Her profound strength was at the early sixth level of the Elementary Profound Realm but even though she was not on par with Xia Qingyue if compared, it wasn’t that bad since she was an important asset to the Xiao Clan and was held in high regard.

“Oh, Che’er, you have finally woken up.”

A gentle voice spread across the room as Xiao Lie entered. Seeing Xiao Che already out of bed with a normal complexion, Xiao Lie relaxed a bit. Behind him followed his housekeeper Xiao Hong and the number one doctor in Floating Cloud City—Doctor Situ.

“It’s good that you have woken up and you do not look ill anymore but let Doctor Situ examine you. Today is your wedding day and we cannot have the slightest error. Doctor Situ, please go ahead.” Xiao Lie stepped aside during his speech.

Doctor Situ put his medicine chest onto the table and sat in front of Xiao Che, lifting his hands to finger the pulse on Xiao Che’s wrist. After a while, he took his hands off Xiao Che.

“Doctor Situ, how is Xiao Che’s condition? Is it serious?” Xiao Lingxi asked worriedly, with fearful nervousness etched on her face.

Although he did not speak, Xiao Lie appeared solemn and had a fierce look on his face…. How could he not be aware that Xiao Che’s sudden collapse was strange?

Doctor Situ’s face slowly lit up and eased into a smile, “Elder Xiao you do not need to worry, your grandson’s physical condition is excellent. He has no major ailments or even the slightest cold. Perhaps your grandson fainted because he was so nervous and excited that his blood rushed to his head. After all your grandson is marrying Xia Clan’s daughter, the number one beauty in Floating Cloud City. Hohoho.”

Although Doctor Situ tried to conceal his contempt, his words revealed his regret. A talented woman marrying a useless good-for-nothing with no future was truly hard for someone to accept.

“That’s great news.” Xiao Lie sighed in relief and nodded in thought, “It must be hard on Doctor Situ to be pulled over so early in the morning. Hong, escort Doctor Situ to the living room to rest.”

“It’s fine,” Doctor Situ replied with a wave of his hand and lifted his medicine chest, “Since your grandson is alright, I will take my leave. Congratulations to Elder Xiao on meeting Floating Cloud City’s most outstanding grand daughter-in-law. I do not know how many people must envy you right now. Ha ha. Farewell.”

“You must remember to come to the wedding for a drink. Hong, escort Doctor Situ out.”

“Che’er, are you really alright? Do you feel unwell anywhere?” Xiao Lie was still not assured after Doctor Situ left and scowled in thought. When Xiao Che suddenly collapsed, his temperature dropped and his vitality faded away. This could not only be a result of being too excited. Looking at Xiao Che’s present healthy condition, he indeed looked fine right now but Xiao Lie still could not shake off that small doubt deep in his heart.

“I really am alright Grandfather, you can rest assured.” Xiao Che said with an easy expression. His nose couldn’t help but suddenly sour as he looked at Xiao Lie and he see a worried face with a head full of white hair.

Xiao Clan consisted of five elders and although Xiao Lie was the Fifth Elder, he was the strongest in the clan. Five years ago he entered the border of the Spirit Profound Realm’s tenth level. He was now at the peak of the Spirit Profound Realm’s tenth level and had an opportunity to break into the True Profound Realm, a level that countless people dreamt of.

Xiao Lie was only fifty-five years old this year with the strength of the tenth level in Profound Spirit Realm, but all his hair had already turned white. Every time Xiao Che saw this head full of white hair, his heart became bitter at the sight.

The reason why Xiao Lie had white hair since his middle-age years was known to all the people living in Floating Cloud City. His only son, the father of Xiao Che, Xiao Ying was called the number one genius of Floating Cloud City. At the age of seventeen, he broke into the Nascent Profound Realm. At twenty, he reached the fifth level of the Nascent Profound Realm. At twenty-three he broke through the Nascent Profound Realm and entered the True Profound Realm, shocking all people of Floating Cloud City. He became the Xiao Clan’s pride, as well as Xiao Lie’s pride and joy. Almost everybody believed that when Xiao Ying became middle-aged, he would be the best candidate qualified to inherit the leadership of the Xiao Clan.

Unfortunately, perhaps because god was jealous of the talented, there was an assassination attempt on Xiao Ying’s life only a month after Xiao Che was born. A few days before that, Xiao Ying also saved the life of Xia Clan’s daughter. After this rescue, Xiao Ying only could fend off the assassins with half his usual strength and drew his final breath. His wife’s heart broke in grief for the loss of her love and went to meet him soon after. Xiao Lie’s hair became white overnight due to the heavy blow of losing his son. Nine months later, Xiao Lingxi was born. Her mother also suffered from the tortured pain of losing her only son and died of depression a month later.

Nobody knew how Xiao Lie lived his life the years after both his son and wife passed away. His pale white hair contained immeasurable grief, hatred and a deep unspeakable sorrow.

To this day, Xiao Lie still had not found his son’s murderer.

Later on, he put all his hopes and wishes onto Xiao Che… But the brutal truth of him being born with damaged profound veins entered and left his life out of the blue like a bolt of lightning.

However, facing his hopeless grandson, Xiao Lie never showed any signs of disappointment nor fury. In his point of view, being born with broken profound veins meant that fate had been unfair and that he should not be condemned because of such injustice. He should not be indifferent or ridicule Xiao Che but instead should love him more to compensate for it. Over the years, he had always been seeking any possible ways to repair damaged profound veins. However, profound veins were the lifeline of one’s profound strength, how can it be so easily repaired?

Although Xiao Che was ignored by others and was faced with the mocking eyes of others while growing up, he still felt lucky to have such a grandfather.

Looking at Xiao Lie’s piercing white hair, Xiao Che’s eyes gradually sharpened… Since the gods gave me this second chance and let me have both my memories, even if it is to only comfort my grandfather, I have to live vigorously! So what if my profound veins are broken! I am a medical saint’s successor; as long as I find the right medicine, in a short span of three weeks, I could fully restore my profound veins back to normal.

“You’re alright, that’s wonderful to hear.” Watching him, Xiao Lie was finally rest assured. Glancing at the brightening sky he spoke, “Che’er, the hour is nigh. Go make your preparations while I go arrange the wedding team… Oh right, do you want to ride horseback or sit in the carriage?”

If he was yesterday’s Xiao Che he would definitely have answered “the carriage”. Although he was the only grandson of an Elder, without that status, he could be called a good-for-nothing with a world’s difference between him and Xia Qingyue. On his bridal path to the Xia Clan, there was no doubt that he would suffer countless finger pointing and also bear numerous glances of envy and regret. One could imagine what feelings would surface if one met face to face in front of such negative emotion. Xiao Che laughed with a slight smile, “Of course I’m riding on the horse! You do not have to worry about me grandfather. Xia Qingque may be nobility, but she is already fated to be our Xiao family’s daughter-in-law. I will openly wed her home with dignity and honor to not let you lose face.”

There was a delay in Xiao Lie’s expression, for he would never have thought that his grandson would say such a thing. His face then broke into a gentle smile and he slowly nodded, “Good.”

With just one word, his deep satisfaction came through. Xiao Lie stepped out of the room and gently closed the door.

As soon as Xiao Lie left, Xiao Lingxi stood in front of Xiao Che and curled her lips. Her face warped in unhappiness she spoke, “So you actually are excited for this marriage and made me worry for you in vain. You obviously have not met Xia Qingyue that many times but you are already fond of her… Oh right, she is our Floating Cloud City’s number one beauty, huh!”

Xiao Che quickly waved his hands back and forth, “How’s that possible! Xia Qingyue is quite beautiful but I think Little Aunt is prettier. If I really fainted because of her, then I would not know how many times I would have fainted in this lifetime because Little Aunt always accompanies me everyday.”

“Hehe…” Xiao Lingxi’s face immediately broke into a sweet smile as she giggled, “You know just the thing to say to make me happy. It’s fine if Xiao Che fainted in his rush to marry her because Xia Qingyue is beautiful as she is talented. Xia Clan is also the wealthiest clan in Floating Cloud City so there is quite a lot of people who dream of marrying her. However, in the end, she is going to marry my family’s Xiao Che.”

At this point, Xiao Lingxi wore a proud look on her face. Then her eyes became wistful as her voice gentled, “I feel like this day came so quickly… Little Che is already about to be married…”

“Pound-pound,” a knock on the door was followed by the voice of old housekeeper Xiao Hongcang, “Young master, it is almost time to go and meet your bride.”

“Ah…. already?” Xiao Lingxi glanced at Xiao Che’s clothes and suddenly looked anxious, “Uncle Hong, wait a little while longer and we will come out right away.”

She walked in front of Xiao Che and a pair of soft hands began to quickly tidy his wedding clothes, “This outfit is quite hard to put on. Your clothes are in a mess because of the events earlier. Stand still, I will finish this right away.”

A pair of snow-white delicate hands began to work hurriedly. She flipped his collar back to the proper position and re-fastened his loose belt… Her actions were jerky but she took it seriously and paid careful attention to what she did. Xiao Che silently looked at her and his eyes gradually became misty….

Today he was going to marry Xia Qingyue but he knew for sure that Xia Qingyue was not marrying him because she sincerely loved him. If it weren’t for their fathers; Xiao Xing and Xia Hongyi’s agreement that March, Xia Qingyue would not even have bothered to take a glance in his direction. The only people in this world who were kind to Xiao Che were his grandfather, Xiao Lie and his little aunt, Xiao Lingxi.

During his earliest childhood, Xiao Lingxi stuck to Xiao Che like a piece of candy. She followed him wherever he went and it was hard for him to shake her off. If she did not see him for a while, she would cry loudly. However, when Xiao Che turned ten years of age and it was confirmed that his profound veins were damaged, Lingxi seemed to grow up overnight. She knew the consequences of having broken profound veins and then understood the concept of her identity as his “little aunt”. This started her regime of training in the ways of the profound to protect the life of the weaker Xiao Che.

After the Azure Cloud Continent’s twenty four years of “dreams”, Xiao Che felt that his time here with Xiao Lingxi’s kindness was as luxurious as it was precious.

Although Xia Qingyue was about to become his wife, she would only be like the sky’s coldest moon; something to only be seen but not touched.

If I marry a girl like Little Aunt, it would be perfect… These kinds of thoughts uncontrollably popped up in Xiao Che’s state of mind.

After completing the complex motions of dressing Xiao Che, Xiao Lingxi let out a sigh of relief. Tippy toeing, she lifted her hand and tousled his hair. With an expression of tender affection clearly printed on her face, her pink lips slightly parted like petals of a flower.

With a supernatural speed, Xiao Che instinctively tilted his head and pressed his mouth against Xiao Lingxi’s lusciously pink lips….

Chapter 3 – Marry Me?


Xiao Lingxi cried out and sprang backwards like a frightened rabbit. Her fingers touched her numb lips as her beautiful eyes widened in surprise and a touch of red quickly spread from her fair face to the nape of her neck, “You… You… You kissed me again!!”

“You have the same reaction as usual.” The innocent Xiao Che had a heartbroken expression on his face, “When we were younger, we always played your favorite kiss kiss game. These days, you go into shock every time I try to kiss you.”

“Y-y-you… You knew that was when we were kids!” Xiao Lingxi’s face flushed into the color of a red rose, “We’re now adults and cannot afford to mess around! You… You are soon to have a wife! In the future you can only kiss your wife!”


“Because I’m your little aunt!” Xiao Lingxi stomped her foot as she lost her breath.

“Then…. What do I do if I want to kiss you?” Smiling mischievously, Xiao Che put his hand under his chin. The adorable fifteen year old girl before him didn’t have the slightest bit of a “little aunt’s” deterrence.

“Then… You should marry me!” Xiao Lingxi turned her nose up in anger.

“Hey! You’re my aunt, how could I possibly marry you….” Xiao Che said with his voice lowered as his eyes widened.

“Even you know that! If you dare steal another kiss, I’ll let your wife know and let her handle you. Hmph! Xiao Lingxi looked at him triumphantly, with her nose in the air.

Xiao Hong’s voice came from outside once again, “Young master, are you ready? It’s about time to go get the bride.”

“Yes, I’m coming out now.” Xiao Che looked at his current outfit, and got ready to leave. After two steps, Xiao Lingxi grabbed his hand and said with a serious face, “Little Che! Before leaving, repeat the promise we made yesterday, word for word, or I won’t let you go.”

Yesterday’s promise? Xiao Che thought for a while and cannot help but say, “Alright…. after entering the marriage with Xia Qingyue, I won’t forget about little aunt just because I have a wife. I’ll spend the same amount of time with little aunt like before, I will listen to little aunt’s calls and would arrive as soon as I’m called just like before… I don’t think I forgot a word.”

“Hehe, what a good boy.” Xiao Lingxi smiled sweetly but did not release Xiao Che’s hand, “However, we will be adding another one today, the one I forgot yesterday…. Although Xia Qingyue is about to become your wife, in your heart she cannot outweigh me! Repeat that right now, hurry, hurry hurry!”

Xiao Che gazed at her beautiful eyes and said, “If you kiss me, I will make that promise.”

“Then… marry me?”

“……” Xiao Che was defeated.

“Young master, are you still not ready?” It was forbidden to be past the “auspicious time”. Xiao Hong’s urgent voice came from outside again.

Xiao Che put his hand on the door but did not push it open yet. He whispered, “I can’t make that promise because in my heart, you are already my number one. Even if there are a hundred Xia Qingyue’s, she cannot catch up to you. You are irreplaceable.”

As his voice faded, he pushed the door open and left.

Xiao Lingxi stood still, frozen in place for a while. An arc formed at the edge of her lips and she joyfully skipped out afterwards, like a girl who had been given her favorite candy.

As Xiao Che walked out of the room, his gorgeous wedding team awaited him. Xiao Hong kindly smiled at him, “Young master, please get on the horse. On the way I will be protecting you with everything I have…. But of course, today is young master’s big day. I should not worry that much since there would only be good things that are waiting to happen.”

“Thanks, Uncle Hong.” Xiao Che smiled at Xiao Hong and got on the horse. A gentle voice suddenly came from his left,

“Looks like I came at the just right time. Is Brother Xiao Che going to retrieve his bride now? Felicitations.”

Xiao Che’s eyebrows furrowed slightly at that sound and saw two young men slowly walk to his side. The person who spoke was a twenty year old young man of medium build. He was as handsome as he was elegant. His eyes were crystal clear on top of a refreshing face and he wore a bright smile. At his rear was a thinner younger man. His footsteps followed quickly behind the speaker.

“Watching them, Xiao Che smiled, “Oh it is Brother Yulong and Brother Xiao Yang, did you guys specially make this trip here to see me off?”

Xiao Yulong was the son of the leader of Xiao Clan. At the age of twenty, whether it be his appearance, talent, use of speech and wisdom, they were at the top of the young generation in the Xiao Clan. His profound strength had reached the third level of the Nascent Profound Realm at the moment. He was his father, Xiao Yunhai’s, pride and joy and was also the future hope of the Xiao Clan. The clan had high expectations for him because he would become the next leader if no accidents should occur. He possessed many good qualities but he had never been arrogant. He was someone who was kind and polite to everyone. Even towards Xiao Che, who was considered to be disabled in everyone’s eyes, hed never mocked Xiao Che but instead was as gentle as he was polite. Not only that, he frequently expressed signs of concern when faced with Xiao Che’s damaged profound vein problem.

Xiao Che had always liked Yulong. He admired and appreciated Yulong’s kindness…. Of course, those feelings came from the previous Xiao Che.

The identity of the person behind Xiao Yulong was also not that simple. He was not just an ordinary Xiao Clan disciple; he was the Second Elder’s youngest grandson, Xiao Yang. At the age of nineteen, he was at the ninth level of the Elementary Profound Realm. Ever since he was a child, he always followed Xiao Yulong around and listened to his every word. However, he wasn’t as kind to Xiao Che as he was to Xiao Yulong. Even though they were both grandsons of Elders, he never cared for Xiao Che. Whenever Xiao Che tried to strike up a conversation, he would either ignore or respond with an upturned nose.

As the grandson of a Xiao Clan Elder, not only did Xiao Che have his own residence, he also owned a separate little courtyard. Aside from his grandfather Xiao Lie, his little aunt Xiao Lingxi, and his sole best friend, very few people actually came to visit. At this time, Xiao Yulong came with Xiao Yang with the purpose of watching him go on his wedding journey.

“Haha, of course.” Xiao Yulong approached with a hearty laugh and said, “The person you are marrying today is our Floating Cloud City’s number one brightest jewel. This is not only our Xiao Clan’s big event, but is our Floating Cloud City’s big event. Since you have the chance to marry this treasure, your brother here is very happy for you. Of course, I am also envious and ashamed as well. Hahahaha.”

Xiao Che also laughed, “Brother Yulong tells such a funny joke. With Brother Yulong’s talent, the entire female population of Floating Cloud city is yours to pick from.”

“Young master, we must get going.” Xiao Hong warned.

“Brother Xiao Che, hurry up. We eagerly await for you to spectacularly bring in Floating Cloud city’s brightest jewel into the Xiao Clan.” Xiao Yulong said with a smile.

Xiao Che nodded and immediately sat tight. The wedding escort team rode through the courtyard to the sound of the beating drums and gongs straight towards the Xia Clan Residence.

The moment Xiao Che disappeared from sight, Xiao Yulong’s smile froze and darkened. He suddenly turned around and fiercely slapped Xiao Yang hard in the face. In a low voice, he hissed, “Pathetic!”

Xiao Yulong’s slap was a direct hit and Xiao Yang’s left cheek began to swell. He hurriedly scrambled at the foot of Xiao Yulong and fearfully spoke, “ I… I clearly threw in the Murdering Heart Powder and the message I received confirmed that he did collapse… I… I also do not know what is going on here….”

“Hmph!” Xiao Yulong’s eyebrows tightened and distorted his face. “I spent so much money to get the poison that not even Doctor Situ has the cure to, but you screwed it all up! Don’t tell me you want me to personally see Xia Qingyue marry that wastrel Xiao Che?”

“Boss, that kid has only just left. We will have an opportunity on the wedding road… Although we cannot personally take care of this in fear of being seen, we can instigate a resistance force from the Yuwen Family and others. There are other men of nobility who covet Xia Qingyue. Just listening to people speak about Xia Qingyue’s marriage to Xiao Che would make their teeth itch. If we encourage them a little and go out together, we would be able to….”

“If it was really that simple, why did I spend so much time getting the Murdering Heart Powder!” Xiao Yulong coldly interrupted Xiao Yang and continued, “Xiao Che is a good-for-nothing but his grandfather is at the tenth level of the Spirit Profound Realm. Who would dare to offend him? Also, Xia Qingyue’s father did not object to this marriage at all. Who would dare to openly offend the Xia Clan and Xiao Che? Even if the Yuwen Family’s boys grouped up with the city lord’s boys, their family would obviously prevent them from doing anything…. And didn’t you see that old bastard Xiao Hong personally escort him? With him around, how could any trouble start?”

While speaking, Xiao Yulong clenched his hands. The sounds of bone being dislocated popped in the air. The first time he saw Xia Qingyue, he thought that he encountered an angel and was already lost. From then on, he swore to make Xia Qingyue his woman in this lifetime.

But Xia Qingyue, was actually going to marry Xiao Clan’s most despised Xiao Che! How could he ever willingly accept that!

“Boss, in fact… in fact you do not need to worry that much.” Xiao Yang glanced at Xiao Yulong’s facial expression and carefully spoke, “Think about it, with Xia Qingyue’s temperament that never even bothered to glance at any of the talents in Floating Cloud City, would she even like that kid Xiao Che? The only reason why she is marrying Xiao Che is because of an agreement made sixteen years ago. If she marries into the family, it is absolutely impossible for Xiao Che to even touch her finger…. After she has entered our Xiao Clan, the chances of Boss meeting her would be greatly increased. That trash Xiao Che is not comparable to the Boss’s natural handsomeness and talent. After a while, how could not impress that Xia Qingyue? By that time….”

Listening to Xiao Yang’s words, Xiao Yulong’s gloomy scowl began to stretch while his narrow eyes squinted. He touched the tip of his nose with his finger and whispered, “You make a pretty reasonable point… looks like not being able to poison that wastrel to death can also be a good thing.”

Chapter 4 – The Wedding Procession

Floating Cloud City was the smallest city of the Blue Wind Empire. It was so small that it wasn’t even suitable to be called a city; perhaps calling it a town would be more appropriate. Floating Cloud City was not only the smallest city but was also the most geographically remote in terms of location. The population, economy, and even the average profound strength was the lowest of the low. These days, Floating Cloud City’s residents often mock themselves for being a forgotten corner in the Blue Wind Empire.

Floating Cloud City was particularly lively today for it was Xiao Che and Xia Qingyue’s big wedding day. Nobody would care if it was only Xiao Che’s wedding but Xia Qingyue’s marriage was Floating Cloud City’s biggest sensational event.

The Xia Clan was not a clan that solely trained in the arts of the profound. It was a clan that specialized in business for generations. Although they could not be said to be wealthy among others of the Blue Wind Empire; on Floating Cloud City’s list of the most prosperous clans, Xia Clan was at the top. However, this did not mean that the Xia Clan was weak. With their abundant wealth, they could naturally afford to hire experts to protect their vast fortune. The leader of the Xia Clan had two children: Xia Yuanba and Xia Qingyue. Both his son and daughter had no interest in the family business. They solely focused on training in the ways of the profound. Xia Hongyi had never opposed their decision and instead allowed them to continue their path. After Xia Qingyue surprised Floating Cloud City with her talent, it was even more unlikely that he would prevent her growth. Due to Xia Qingyue’s amazing god-given gift, Floating Cloud City’s major families were on their best behavior in their presence…. After all, it was widely acknowledged that Xia Qingyue may reach the Earth Profound Realm or even the Sky Profound Realm someday in the future. At that point, the Xia Clan would not only have the most wealth, but would also be the most dominating force in Floating Cloud City.

However, that Xia Clan had let the city’s most brilliant girl marry Xiao Che, a good-for-nothing with no possible future. Who knows how many people regret that decision…. Of course, there were more people with feelings of envy and jealous hate.

Since it was the Xia Clan marrying off a daughter, the spectacle was indeed not too shabby. As soon as Xiao Che went out, he saw a long line of red carpet that began from his door’s entrance. This red carpet was the Xiao Clan’s starting point and it extended in twists and turns towards the direction of the Xia Clan.

As soon as the Xiao Clan’s wedding team appeared, Floating Cloud City’s street started to bustle with noise. The street was full with spectators on both sides of the street. As Xiao Che kept pace with the team, various whispers from the crowd entered his ears.

“Look! That is the grandson of Xiao Clan’s Fifth Elder. I heard rumors that his profound veins are damaged and he would never in his life be able to breakthrough into even the first level of the Elementary Profound Realm.”

“Oh, this is the first time I’ve seen him in person.”

“It’s normal if you haven’t seen him before. With such a stubborn bull for a grandfather and the fact that he is a good-for-nothing himself, would you even have the face to go out? Oh, for Xia Qingyue to actually be married to such a person, the heavens must really be blind!”

“It is said that his father Xiao Ying and Xia Hongyi became sworn brothers when Xiao Ying saved Xia Qingyue’s life after using most of his profound strength. Xia Hongyi then promised that on his daughter, Xia Qingyue’s sixteenth birthday, she would become Xiao Ying’s daughter-in-law. Not long after, Xiao Ying fell to an assassin. Due to his previous exertion, he was unable to fight back. The news hit Xia Hongyi like a meteorite and he felt extremely guilty…. Now that Qingyue had finally turned sixteen today and although Xiao Ying’s son is a moron, Xia Hongyi was not willing to break his promise because of his heavy feelings of remorse and gratitude. If not for that, how could that guy even marry Xia Qingyue.”

“What! Xia Qingyue is our Floating Cloud City’s greatest treasure. If he did not have his status of being the Fifth Elder’s grandson, he could not even measure up to the mud on the floor. I am probably one hundred times stronger than him! This world is so unfair!”

“The goddess of my dreams is about to marry such trash, I’d rather die than accept this fact! Ahhhhh!”

The Xiao Che on horseback had bright serene eyes that conveyed a deep character. He had on an elegant expression and exhibited a light grace. His long hair fluttered behind his dazzling red wedding robe and his entire body emitted an air of elegance. The sounds of murmuring from the crowd contained all kinds of malicious undertones. However the envy, resentment, prejudice, ridicule, scorn, and disdain from the crowd seemed to not faze him at all. He seemed to be unconscious of the crowd as a beautiful smile was still plastered on his face. It was not known how many girls lost their hearts as their eyes misted over in adoration.

Although Xiao Che’s profound strength was the lowest of the low, his looks were actually not that bad. He could even be said to be beyond Xiao Yulong. Coupled with the fact that he rarely went out due to his low profound strength, he looked very white and delicate…. Just like a living doll!

So even if the countless youths hated Xiao Che enough to make their teeth itch, in the depths of their heart, they also had to admit that he looked as if he was truly worthy of Xia Qingyue.

“I thought that Xiao Che would ride in the carriage today but unexpectedly he is riding horseback. With that temperament…. it seems as if the rumors were not true.”

“Tch! The trash that people typically look down on is about to marry our Floating Cloud City’s greatest treasure. Of course he should be proud! How could he be afraid of losing face?” rang a bitter voice.

“I heard that Yuwen Clan’s young master as well as other young masters from other families are taken with Xia Qingyue. Do you think they will come to stop this procession?”

“Yeah right! Xiao Che is nothing but his grandfather is Xiao Lie. The experts of our Floating Cloud City all have to respect him in his presence. His son is already dead and he only has one grandson left. He tended to his grandson from the very beginning of his life. If anyone were to cause trouble, they would meet Xiao Lie’s wrath! Whoever dares to do that will lose his head! Moreover this is not a forced marriage, who would dare to cause trouble to incur the wrath of the Xia Clan? I estimate that right now, all the lovesick youths who would actually disrupt the procession are firmly locked in their own house.”

The wedding procession went on in a casual manner, not too fast but not too slow. The journey of over five kilometers took nearly one and a half hours.


As soon as he saw the Xia Clan’s main entrance, he heard a wild cry. A tall sturdy figure ran over to Xiao Che. This person was not that old, but he was at least two meters tall. His body was as strong as a bull and the ground trembled when he came over. As Xiao Che watched him approach, he gulped bitterly and spoke with wide eyes, “Yuanba! I have not seen you for only a month, how could you already have grown that much taller yet again!!”

This man…. it was more accurate to call him a boy for he is Xia Qingyue’s little brother, Xia Yuanba. He became fifteen this year… yes he was really only fifteen years old! However, if you take a look at his body, nobody would even imagine that he had just turned fifteen! Two meters tall…. Xiao Che on his horse was the same height as Xia Yuanba standing up. Yuanba weighed over one hundred seventy five kilograms. This number was definitely not that high because Yuanba was fat, but was instead because of his big strong muscles. His muscles were of a dark tan metallic luster and broadcasted his astonishing strength. His profound strength was only average, at the fourth level of the Elementary Profound Realm, but his physical strength was a force to be reckoned with. He could fight on par with those at the sixth level of the Elementary Profound Realm.

Xia Yuanba was Xiao Che’s best friend—his only friend. From a young age he had always called Xiao Che his brother-in-law, and they often played together when they were children. The days before he turned eight, Xia Yuanba was actually a dark and skinny child. He was often bullied but ever since he turned eight, it was like he ate something wrong and had an enormous growth spurt. His height, weight, and appetite all soared and the increase in his strength was absolutely stunning. Now at the age of fifteen… though his face had not fully matured since it was still quite childish, his size…. was of a monstrous proportion!

After hearing Xiao Che’s exclamation, Xia Yuanba rubbed his head in embarrassment, “This…. even I cannot help it. My father tells me to go on a diet everyday. However, letting myself starve and go hungry would be far worse than the feeling of being killed by another.”

“…” Xiao Che became speechless. At that moment he was only fifteen years old. Once he became an adult… he didn’t dare to imagine that!

Xiao Che knew that Xia Yuanba had a huge appetite. Fortunately he was born in the Xia Clan. If he was born in an ordinary family, his consumption would dissipate their entire fortune.

“Hehe, brother-in-law, today you can finally become my brother-in-law.” Xia Yuanba’s smile was honest because he had been happily looking forward to this day. In his opinion, with such a strong sister for a wife, nobody would dare look down on Xiao Che.

“Hurry up and come in, my sister is already ready.” He slapped his head, “Oh, I’ll go open the door.”

After that, Xia Yuanba turned in the direction of the Xia Clan entrance and ran like a mobile mountain of meat.

The procession came in the Xia Clan’s entrance. At the door, Xiao Che saw a smiling Xia Hongyi. He quickly dismounted and stood before Xia Hongyi. He respectfully greeted, “Uncle Xia.”

“Haha, after all this time you still call me uncle?” Xia Hongyi laughed. His stature was not tall for he looked like normal slightly overweight middle-aged man. Although if one were to look at him and the words “simple and honest” came to mind, nobody in the entire city of Floating Cloud would dare look down upon him.

Xiao Che’s eyes brightened and politely replied, “Father-in-law.”

He had always been respectful towards Xia Hongyi for Hongyi was the sworn brother of his father. From a young age, he suffered through the scornful glances of many people but Xia Hongyi had always tenderly cared about him. Even though he was born with a crippled profound veins, Xia Hongyi had never violated the agreement he made with his father; the agreement that Xia Qingyue would marry Xiao Che once she became sixteen.

“Haha, good!” Xia Hongyi nodded. He reached out his hand and patted Xiao Che’s shoulder, “Che’er, starting today, I will give Xia Qingyue to you. Although you are not a big hero, you are Xiao Ying’s son so I can have a peace of mind when I give you my daughter. Your father Xiao Ying was an amazing man. Becoming his sworn brother is something I would never regret in this lifetime for he was a passionate and righteous man. You are Xiao Ying’s son. Even though your profound veins are damaged, I do not believe that you will stay an ordinary person in the future.”

“Treat my daughter well. For those who talk nonsense and can only flap their mouths in malice, screw them all.”

Xiao Che’s eyes smoldered in anger. He firmly nodded his head slowly, “Father-in-law, have no worries. Although people hold me in contempt now, once my profound veins are fixed, a sleeping dragon will be awakened from the abyss. I will make those people who look down on me and those who think that the Xia Clan took in a wastrel for their son-in-law obediently shut their traps.”

Xia Hongyi was surprised at his outburst…. He had always known Xiao Che to be weak-minded with a mild temper and an unconscious inferiority complex. Xiao Che’s fearless utterance, sharp eyes and calmness made him see Xiao Che in a brand new light… one that was completely different from his previous attitude.

“Good!” Xia Hongyi nodded and patted Xiao Che on the shoulder again, “I knew that Xiao Ying’s son would not be an ordinary child. I will wait for the day this dragon surfaces. Alright now, Qingyue is waiting for you; go on.”

Chapter 5 – The Wedding Ceremony

Xia Qingyue appeared between the arms of two bridesmaids. She wore a red phoenix coronet on top of her head. A fine curtain of beads hung down from the phoenix coronet to completely cover her entire face while also hiding her current expression. Her soft and shiny black hair fell gently behind her shoulders. Her straight scarlet robe was decorated in the “four happiness” cloud pattern and the belt displayed her slender narrow waist nicely. On her belt hung a charm made of exquisite jade while pearls dangled at its tassels, matching her golden shoes. These significant details made her magnificent outfit even more dazzling than ever.

Xia Qingyue slowly came to Xiao Che’s side in the arms of the bridesmaids and every step she made was light and elegant, as if she were walking across the clouds. An ordinary person would look like they were walking but if they were in her body, they would look like a fairy riding on top of a cloud. Her usual posture was already that beautiful and Xiao Che saw such a feast for the eyes.

Xia Qingyue finally came to the front of the carriage and the two bridesmaid walked away bowing backwards. In accordance to the Blue Wind Empire’s wedding tradition, the groom would bring the bride onto the bridal chair. Xiao Che stepped forward and stretched out a helping hand at Xia Qingyue. Xia Qingyue elegantly lifted her hand… However, as Xiao Che took Xia Qingyue’s hands in his palm, a piercing cold energy unraveled onto Xiao Che’s hand and his entire right arm stiffened in pain, half-immobilized.

The biting cold sensation slowly disappeared as Xiao Che put his arm down with a silent indifferent expression. Aside from a frown between his eyebrows when the icy cold hit him, he did not make any other expression nor the slightest sound.

If one opened Xia Qingyue’s curtain of fine beads, one would see her beautiful eyes flash in surprise and then hastily become cold once more.

Xiao Che sat on the horse and the wedding procession went on with great strength and vigor. The Xia Clan’s wedding team followed in the direction of the Xiao Clan shortly after.

After another hour and a half, the procession returned to the Xiao Clan’s main entrance. This long journey was smooth and calm, to the disappointment of those who looked forward to the development of any drama.

Xiao Lie was already at the doorway and stood to welcome their guests. Sadly, the number of people who came for Xiao Che can be counted with one hand. Most of the guests came for Xiao Lie and the Xia Clan. With Xiao Lie’s fame and Xia Clan’s connection, many guests were seen. Outside the entrance of Xiao Clan house, people who came to see the event was next to infinite, the streets were so filled up that not even a water droplet could get through. All these people came for the marriage of the number one beauty in Floating Cloud City.

Xia Qingyue’s bridal carriage slowly stopped in the middle of the noise. A corner of the curtain was opened as her maid Xia Dongling gently spoke: “Miss, we have arrived.”

Afterwards, a hand reached out and Xia Dongling gently lowered her arms. As soon as she got out of the carriage, the deafening atmosphere suddenly quieted to replaced by deep breathes that followed one after another.

It was almost noon. The soft sunshine reflected against her phoenix coronet while her robe charmingly glittered against the breeze making one’s eyes blur if they look too long. Her hair was wrapped up high into a bun on top of her head and the phoenix coronet that framed her head was that of four layers. The top layer was adorned with fine golden hairpins while the bottom had several golden phoenix engravings. The satin red golden phoenix coronet extended into a fringe of swaying pearl tassels. Although her face was not laid bare, with her eyes and lips partly hidden yet partly exposed, her beauty was exquisitely flawless.

The sound of irrepressible breathing overlapped against one another as many people stared straight ahead, unable to snap back into reality. That is the power of Xia Qingyue’s charisma, for this all happened without the revealment of her face! Based on her aura and posture alone, she still seemed like a fairy that had walked out straight from a painting. Her beauty was so immense that none could take their eyes off her.

Xia Dongling wrapped a red silk sash around Xia Qingyue’s hand. Naturally, the other end of the sash was tied to Xiao Che’s hand. As he got off the saddle, Xiao Che smiled as he walked over to lead Xia Qingyue across the brazier. They cruised over the doorstep of the Xiao clan and stepped directly into the hall.

As they entered through the main entrance of the Xiao clan, the noise did not abate. Xiao Che’s expression did not change as he kept pace but he naturally wanted the wedding to end as soon as possible.

This was Xiao Clan’s center hall for important meetings. The only people who were allowed to use this place for a wedding are the leader of the Xiao Clan and it’s Elders. For this wedding the room underwent a large scale transformation. It was truly a vision that should be seen. As far as one could see, the pillars were all embedded with yellow topaz and the walls had been painted with dragons that were inlaid with rare precious pearls. A red carpet spread across the center of the hall in a straight line and stopped at a short golden staircase. A subtle golden light filled the atmosphere, making the already beautifully decorated hall more dazzlingly eye-catching. The Xiao Clan was not willing to invest such a large amount of money for Xiao Che and mostly came from the Xia Clan. Xia Hongyi was willing to spend as much as needed for his darling daughter’s wedding.

Xiao Lie and Xia Hongyi sat on the highest seat of the hall, smiles plastered all over their face as they watched Xiao Che and Xia Qingyue enter. On both sides of the red carpet were three rows of rose sandalwood chairs, all already filled with people. Xiao clan’s leader, Lord Xiao Yunhai was there as well along with the other four Elders of the Xiao clan. As Xiao Che walked in with a happy smile, their expressions stilled on the surface but in the depths of their heart, they sneered in disdain.

The Xiao Clan was a clan that practiced in the ways of the Profound for many generations. To have Xiao Che with a crippled Profound Vein born in the clan was a shame for the Xiao Clan. If he were not the grandson of the Fifth Elder, Xiao Lie, he would have already been expelled instead of remaining inside like he was now…. And if it weren’t for the fact that he was about to wed the high-profile daughter of the Xia Clan, they would not even have bothered to show up in person let alone be present at the scene.

Regarding Xiao Che, if they hear his name, they could only think of the word “trash” and not pay attention for they do not even remember how he looked like. In the Profound Sky Continent, one did not deserve dignity if one does not have the skill to back it up. It was a harsh reality and a universal truth followed by many, even towards members of the same clan.

The expressions on the faces of the younger Xiao generation were unsurprisingly consistent as well. They all had their sights on Xiao Qingyue and their eyes belied their insuppressible infatuation. As their eyes transferred towards Xiao Che, their eyes almost erupted with naked envy. The Xiao Clan’s outer disciples had always looked down on this permanently disabled person and never in their dreams thought that he would actually marry Floating Cloud City’s unattainable number one treasure. The uncomfortable feeling that those two people in the marriage hall evoked was similar to eating dead flies raw.

The person in charge of the wedding was logistics manager Xiao De. The wedding ceremony began at the cry of his voice.

The master of ceremonies first introduced the bride and groom and then read names from a list of distinguished guests that have came to visit. As he went on, Xiao Che’s expression remained neutral but in his heart were clashing waves of water. Whatever else the master of ceremonies said after that was something Xiao Che could not bother to listen to for he was repeatedly ruminating over a problem that he actually care about.

What was that sudden weird feeling he felt at Xia Clan when his hands met with Xia Qingyue’s? Was it some kind of Profound power? But he had never heard of such a mysterious power in Floating Cloud City. For Xia Qingyue to reach the 10th level of the Elementary Profound Realm at the age of sixteen was truly an amazing feat…. but she was still at the lowest point of the 10th Elementary Profound Realm; how was it possible that she could soundlessly release such an ice cold aura that actually completely immobilized his entire arm? What was that astonishing mystifying power which was displayed at such a level?

Or…. was this the hidden strength of the Xia Qingyue who had reached the pinnacle 10th level of the Elementary Profound Realm?

The voice of the master of ceremonies stopped. After a brief pause, his voice became eight octaves higher:

“First bow to heaven and earth!”

Xiao Che’s mind rapidly rotated as he glanced at Xia Qingyue through the corner of his eye while bowing in the direction of the doorway, to the heavens and earth.

“Second bow to the elders!”

The two people made an 180 degree turn towards the seated Xia Hongyi and Xiao Lie and bowed. Xiao Lie firmly nodded and smiled lovingly at Xiao Che and his new granddaughter-in-law. Xia Hongyi also smiled and beamed in content.

“Husband and wife, exchange bows!”

Xiao Che’s body turned towards Xia Qingyue and at the same time Xia Qingyue also turned to face him. This swift action that did not withhold any hesitation nor delay made all members of the younger generation of the Xiao Clan clench their teeth. In their thoughts, they believed that Xia Qingyue did not willingly enter this marriage with that crippled bastard but was instead forced to come by the Xia clan. To their disappointment, even up to this moment, there was no resistance at all from Xia Qingyue. There weren’t even rope lines of her supposedly failed escape that they imagined to have happened.

The two people bowed and as they both bent towards one another, Xiao Che saw cold eyes peeking through the gaps of the bead curtain…. cool icy eyes that revealed no traces of emotion.

Usually at moments like this, the crowd would burst into enthusiastic applause, loud laughter and cheers. But only a few people authentically clapped for the married couple, it was quite awkward.

“Indeed the Fifth Elder should be congratulated.” The First Elder Xiao Li who was sitting next to Xiao Yunhai said with a cynical strangeness in his words.

“I congratulate you in representation of all the Five Elder’s well wishes.” Even the First Elder Xiao Li who was sitting next to Xiao Yunhai heard the strange cynical scorn in his words.

Second Elder Xiao Bo laughed with the same strangeness that came from the leader of the Xiao clan earlier and slowly continued: “Fifth Elder, getting such a talented granddaughter-in-law has added glory to the Xiao Clan. As for the Xia Clan getting such a son-in-law, haha, is also quite acceptable. Congratulations.”

The atmosphere in the hall immediately cooled. If one were not an idiot, they would clearly hear the apparent irony in the words “congratulations” that came out of their mouths.

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