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Chapter 1: Youngster Chen Feng

Black Origin City, an inconspicuous little city within the vast Northern Plains area.

Despite its remote location, it possessed a population of several millions with a considerable number of cultivators within that number. Naturally, there were various forces within them as well. Even during the evening hours, the city remained a bustling place as radiant lights illuminated the city.

It was near evening and dark clouds had covered the sky. The muffled sounds of thunder rang from afar without respite and moisture swayed within the air. It did not take long for both lightning and thunder to make their appearance.

Up in the sky, countless lightning bolts thundered out with a maddening quality. Every one of the lightning bolts seemed desirous of tearing the sky apart as rain fell like a waterfall.

Amidst the weather, a 16-year-old boy ran out from the city. He was not too tall and was slightly thin in stature. In face of the heavy rain, his face appeared somewhat pale. Yet, ignoring the heavy rainfall coming from the sky, he ran out from the city, charging towards a valley somewhere 30 li away from the city (1 li = 0.5 km).

The youngster was clearly not an ordinary person. Every step he took covered a distance of several metres and he moved quickly. In less than an hour, he had made his way into the valley. He continued onwards until he reached an ancient, towering tree.


The youngster suddenly let loose a bellow, screaming his lungs out against the sky, a face filled with grief and anger. Next, he abruptly raised his fists and punched continuously at the big tree before him.

The ancient, towering tree before him was so big that it would take several people to wrap their hands around it. It was such that it could even remain motionless before the mighty winds blowing at it. Soon enough, the youngster’s fists began to bleed. However, the youngster appeared numb to pain and instead, continued to punch at the tree with desperation.

“Why? Why?!” The youngster raised his head towards the sky and screamed out once more.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

One after another, thick bolts of lightning tore open the dark rainy sky, seemingly intent of destroying the very lands beneath them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The youngster appeared mad as he continued punching while screaming. His blood and rainwater merged together and flowed down his arms and onto the ground.

“Why must I suffer so much? Why must I be subjected to all this bullying? I am unwilling! Heaven! Tell me why?!” Having unleashed hundreds of punches in a row, the youngster finally stopped. He raised his head upwards and shouted, but his words quickly disappeared under the might of Heaven.


It was at that moment that an incomparably thick bolt of lighting suddenly shot down from the sky. Hundreds of zhang in length, it was as thick as a water tank and looked like an ancient dragon, one that yearned to destroy worlds. The bolt of lightning then slammed into the ancient tree (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

Following a thunderous sound, the big ancient tree was reduced to ashes. The youngster stared in a dumbfounded manner as his mind buzzed. His blood rushed through his body as his vision turned dark. Under the wrath of Heaven, this tree that had endured for who knows how many years was turned to ashes. While the youngster had managed to remain safe, what he saw left him flabbergasted.

As the youngster was in a dazed state, another bolt of lightning descended. This one was even bigger than the previous one. It shone brilliantly, seemingly containing an air of destruction within it. The bolt of lightning was actually shooting towards the youngster. The youngster looked on in horror as the bolt of lightning drew closer and closer. He wanted to dodge away, but that was simply impossible. And so, the bolt of lightning struck him.


The youngster only had enough time to scream out before falling to the ground with a “plop”. His eyes shut and he fainted.

If there were any onlookers there, they would grow shocked at what had just occurred. That lightning bolt, capable of tearing a little mountain apart, had disappeared after striking the youngster. It had disappeared just like that, as though it had never existed in the first place.

At that moment, however, the youngster fell unconscious. He had assumed that he would meet certain death. There was simply no way for him to know that the lightning bolt had disappeared after striking him.

During that very instant when the huge lightning bolt struck the youngster’s body, a powerful suction force suddenly emerged from the youngster’s chest. It was this suction force that had easily swallowed up the lightning bolt, like an insignificant current of water flowing into the great ocean, incapable of creating even a wave in its wake. Surprisingly, after the disappearance of the lightning bolt, the sky returned to its normal state and the lightning bolts were no more. Only the rain continued to pour down without respite.

The youngster lay amidst a pool of water. Soon, the amount of rainwater there grew. Seeing that the youngster was about to be drowned by the rainwater, a gentle light glowed from the youngster’s chest, shining with a bluish-green light and creating what seemed like a barrier of light around the youngster. The barrier stopped the rainwater from coming close.

A chaotic series of images flashed across the mind of the unconscious youngster. Most of them were the youngster’s memories from childhood.

As far back as the youngster could remember, he had been a wandering orphan. He had a thin and frail body and had to go beg for food everywhere. He was beaten by people, bitten by dogs, and ate whatever was given to him. He wandered everywhere until one day, when he was 10 years old, an old man took him in. The old man was a cultivator who brought him to his sect. The man had also given the youngster a name, Chen Feng.

Thus, his identity of a beggar transformed into that of a cultivator. In the beginning, he thought that everything would change. Unexpectedly, he was still bullied. He had no talent in cultivation. After six years of practicing cultivation, he had only managed to take the first step, thereby becoming the subject of ridicule for his own sect members. That was especially true after the old man’s death. The sect practically treated him like a piece of trash. They had even stopped giving him medicinal pills and the other cultivation materials. The reason he ran out earlier was that he had wanted to ask the higher ups of the sect about his master’s death. The old man had died a mysterious death and he wanted to know about it. However, he was beaten up instead.

Those memories filled his mind. Soon, however, the images there changed. Chen Feng then saw a thick lightning bolt striking him. The lightning bolt that was capable of reducing him to ashes suddenly disappeared into his chest.

This time, Chen Feng was able to clearly see what happened. The images flashing across his mind had seemingly, deliberately slowed down. The destructive lightning bolt had struck the little tower on his chest before disappearing. Though, it would be more accurate to say that the little tower on his chest had sucked up the lightning bolt.

The tower was a very inconspicuous one. It was only one inch long and dark yellow in colour. Its edges and corners remained clear but its surface was filled with countless cracks and holes. Even the items found from the rubbish dump would be in a better shape that the little tower.

Ever since Chen Feng could remember, the little tower had always been hanging around his chest. It was the only thing he had on him. It was also his most precious item. Although it was terribly shabby, Chen Feng had not thrown it away.

However, on this very day, the inconspicuous little tower had actually sucked up such a large lightning bolt.

Magic treasure! Could this be the fabled magic treasure? Chen Feng thought to himself in shock. However, his mind quickly became confused. This time, the flashes of memories could not be grasped properly. It was confusing, unusual and dazzling. It was as though he had been suffering from high fever in the past. These chaotic memories were ones that he had never seen before.

Suddenly, the little tower shook abruptly before spraying out a bluish-green energy current, which pierced its way into Chen Feng’s body before disappearing from sight.

After the energy current entered Chen Feng’s body, it flowed through his meridians. Originally, Chen Feng did possess some primary energy within his meridians. However, in face of the bluish-green energy current, his own primary energy was cleared away. Only some of them were absorbed and fused into the bluish-green energy current.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The bluish-green energy current was incomparably overbearing, like a wild and mighty dragon. The blocked meridians and acupoints in his body were smashed open. Next, the energy current circulated through his body, causing his meridians to expand constantly. Popping sounds kept ringing out from the bones in his body; his blood boiled; his marrow transformed. He appeared to be undergoing a rebirth.

The heavy rain had stopped and the sky turned bright as the night quickly concluded its shift. If it were not for the mysterious barrier of light protecting him, Chen Feng would have drowned to his death under the rainwater.

It was not until the morning of the fourth day did Chen Feng wake up. Thankfully, there were no wild beasts in the valley. Otherwise, the unconscious Chen Feng would have become a snack for the wild beasts.

Huh. What is going on? Chen Feng stood up in confusion. By now, the barrier of light around him had disappeared and the rainwater had also receded. The sky was clear and the rays of light from the sun shone down on his face, giving him a feeling of warmth. The fragrance of the flowers and the singing of the birds created a peaceful atmosphere. No longer was there the aggressive weather he recalled before falling unconscious.

“Little tower!”

Chen Feng cried out in shock and he quickly pulled the little tower out. Like always, it looked ordinary and shabby, quiet and seemingly unchanged. After turning it around a few times, Chen Feng was still incapable of seeing any changes on it.

Could this really be a magic treasure? A pity, I have yet to cultivate up to the level where I can release my divine sense to check it. Chen Feng shook his head. However, right after taking just one step, he became stunned. A look of disbelief appeared in his eyes. His mind focused and he felt the movement of the primary energy within his body. The blood in his body roared with vitality.

Energy moves according to the mind, the body brims with vitality and bones rumble with a clear sound. This is clearly the third layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. Could I have broken through while unconscious? Chen Feng found it hard to believe.

Chen Feng then began practicing the cultivation technique that he usually followed. With every move he made, the primary energy within his body flowed like an agile snake. Many of the blocked meridians and acupoints in his body had been opened up and the rate at which primary energy filled up was 10 times that of his previous state. At the same time, his vitality was brimming as his blood roiled continuously. Rumbling sounds rang out continuously from within his body. Finally, Chen Feng unleashed a punch upon another large tree, one that required two people to wrap around. The large tree shook as a result and a one-inch deep fist mark was left on the surface of the tree.

“I have indeed broken through to the third layer,” said Chen Feng happily as he looked at the fist mark before him.

Where Chen Feng lived, the ranking for cultivation followed the nine layers of Training Body and Energy rankings.

The first layer was the ‘toughening of the flesh’. It was a compulsory stage for all cultivators and also the beginning step into cultivation.

The second layer was the ‘development of primary energy’. It was the sign that a person was a true cultivator. Those who failed to develop primary energy was 99 % fated to be a trash in the cultivation world.

The third layer was the ‘forging of bones and training the marrow, rumbling bones’. This was Chen Feng’s present layer. His body was full of vitality and his flesh was strong.

The fourth layer was the ‘reinforcement of internal organs’. Strengthening and nourishing the internal organs, giving the fleshly body even more vitality, thereby opening up the hidden potential and power within the fleshly body.

The fifth layer was the ‘hundred opened meridians’. Every meridian in the body opened, this was a watershed within the Training Body and Energy stage. Only by making their way past this barrier can cultivators be considered to be someone of stature.

The sixth layer was the ‘astral energy’. The cultivator’s primary energy become highly concentrated and his or her power would soar.

The seventh layer was the ‘primary energy takes form’. The cultivator’s primary energy could be condensed out to take on various forms, be it weapons to kill or wings to fly.

The eighth layer was the ‘external discharge of primary energy’. The cultivator would be capable of killing others within a distance of a hundred steps.

The ninth layer was the ‘using all blood and primary energy to assail the sea of wisdom’.

It was said that if a cultivator could break past the ninth layer, he or she would he able to enter the Concealed stage. After reaching the Concealed stage, the cultivator could open up his or her sea of wisdom to activate the concealed secrets and powers within the body. The cultivator could utilize magic treasures, fly through the sky, be reborn and have an even greater lifespan and capable of cultivating various magical secret techniques. Naturally, that was not something that Chen Feng could hope for. He didn’t even know if his sect possessed such characters. In the eyes of Concealed stage cultivators, cultivators of the Training Body and Energy stage were the equivalent of ants. Killing them was as simple as waving a hand. Those people were invincible and exalted figures in Black Origin City.

Is the little tower the reason I managed to break through to the third layer of the Training Body and Energy stage? Not to mention, I feel something strange about the primary energy within my body. It seems to be brimming with vitality. Even my flesh feels much stronger compared to cultivators of the same layer. It feels tougher. Are all these due to the lightning bolt that the little tower absorbed? No matter how Chen Feng mulled it over, he was unable to figure it out.

No matter. Achieving great progress in strength is a good thing. Humph! Once I am strong, I must find out how the old man died. Recalling the matter, Chen Feng’s eyes glinted. The old cultivator was the first person to treat him well. At this point in time, his death remained a mystery. However, now that Chen Feng possessed power, he must find out the truth of the matter. If there was a grudge, then it must be repaid. Next, Chen Feng stepped forward, making his way back to Black Origin City.

Chapter 2: Strange Cultivation Technique

Within Black Origin City were four great families, four great sects and the City Lord Residence, a total of nine powers. The City Lord Residence was the strongest. However, in recent years, the four great families and four great sects had continuously grown in strength. In the end, they became the powers that mutually kept the City Lord Residence in check. Together, they ruled over Black Origin City and the areas surrounding it. Chen Feng’s sect was one of the four great sects, the Iron Sword Sect.

Iron Sword Sect was said to have a history spanning over 300 years within Black Origin City. Back then, the founder of the sect, a Concealed stage cultivator and an infamous figure, had used only an iron sword to kill off countless cultivators. Later on, though, he went out in search of immortal serendipity and was never heard of again. At that moment, the one in charge of Iron Sword Sect was rumoured to be in the ninth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. He was in the midst of assailing his sea of wisdom. If he were to succeed, he would rise to the Concealed stage, going beyond that of normal cultivators, an invincible existence.

“Ha ha ha, fellows, look here! The piece of trash has finally appeared.”

The moment Chen Feng returned to his sect, his fellow cultivators noticed him. All of them laughed out mockingly.

“This trash had been missing for a few days now, I figured he had gone to commit suicide. How unexpected. He is still alive.”

“Humph! Why would this trash willingly kill himself? Don’t you all know that a wretched existence is better than a good death?”

“He really doesn’t know how to feel embarrassed. After cultivating within the sect for six years and wasting who knows how many medicines, he only managed to form a meagre amount of primary energy. After eating so much good stuff, even a pig will become enlightened. Or could it be that this kid’s brain is not as good as a pig’s?”

“Ha ha ha!”

Everyone present laughed out loudly. Those cultivators ridiculing Chen Feng were all youngsters. The eldest amongst them was about the same age as Chen Feng and the weakest amongst them were at the rumbling bones (3rd) layer. There were also a few amongst them who had reached the reinforcement of internal organs (4th) layer. Although Chen Feng’s strength had greatly increased after breaking through, he may not be a match for them still. Most importantly, Chen Feng had no desire to make his move yet. He did not want to display his strength. He wanted to secretly uncover the truth behind the old man’s death.

Listening to the words of ridicule, killing intent flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes. However, it was quickly covered up. He had been a wandering beggar since young and had seen too much of the fickleness within the world and human nature. After becoming strong, repaying this debt was just a matter of time.

Seeing that Chen Feng was not responding, they laughed out before dispersing. More importantly, Chen Feng was nothing in their eyes. Was there anyone within Iron Sword Sect that did not know Chen Feng was a trash? He was an existence to be laughed at by all.


Chen Feng pushed open the door and slowly walked into his small courtyard. Although the courtyard was not too big, the air was fresh and the surrounding vegetation were lush. Flowers and grasses grew in exuberance while the old trees and vines gave off a tasteful air.

This place was originally the old man’s residence. Since entering Iron Sword Sect, Chen Feng had been living here. Before his death, the old cultivator was a seventh layer Training Body and Energy stage cultivator. His primary energy could take form and be used to kill without leaving a trace. Yet, someone like him had died a mysterious death. This was also the reason why Chen Feng had chosen to endure the jeers.

As Chen Feng was about to clear his mind to practice cultivation, a lanky youngster quickly made his way inside. The youngster appeared to be around 14 years old, one or two years younger compared to Chen Feng. He had a lean looking body and was not too tall. However, both his black pupils shone with clarity. One look was enough to tell that he was one of the capable ones in his generation.

“Senior Brother Chen, you are back! Are you all right?” Ye Tian asked anxiously. A trace of concern could be seen within his eyes.

“He he, I am fine. I just went out to vent my feelings for a while,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

This person was Chen Feng’s only friend within Iron Sword Sect. He entered the sect a few years later compared to Chen Feng but was now already a third layer Training Body and Energy stage cultivator.

“It is good that you are fine. Are the wounds on your body better already? That day, I rushed over but you were already gone.” As he spoke, Ye Tian pulled out a bottle of medicine.

Back then, after getting beaten up, Chen Feng ran out from Black Origin City in spite of the heavy rain before experiencing the miraculous instance. Yet, despite his friendship with Ye Tian, Chen Feng decided not to inform Ye Tian about the matter.

“The wounds on my body is already better. Besides, I successfully broke through yesterday.” As he spoke, Chen Feng balled up his fist, causing his blood to pump and rumbling sounds rang out from his body.

“Rumbling bones, the third layer. You have finally broken through, that is good!” Ye Tian uttered in joy.

“Unfortunately, I am still too weak. Right, did you find out anything?” Chen Feng asked.

“Sigh, there are some rumours. However, I advise you not to pry too much.” A hint of concern seeped out from Ye Tian’s eyes.

“What rumours? Hurry up and tell me. Don’t worry, I will not be reckless. I know where to draw the line,” Chen Feng asked anxiously.

“I heard it might be related to Elder Wang and Elder Liang. Back then, they had gone out together to hunt wild beasts. As for what happened during the hunt, I do not know,” Ye Tian whispered, fearing that others might overhear him.

“Elder Wang, Elder Liang.” Hints of killing intent emerged from Chen Feng’s eyes. However, a feeling of powerlessness bubbled up from his heart. Those two were at primary energy takes form (7th) layer of the Training Body and Energy stage, capable of cutting through steel and destroying jade. They could kill him with but a wave of a hand. Rather, the reason they had not taken any actions against him now was due to the fact that he was nothing more than an ant in their eyes.

That was simply the truth. The two of them were highly placed elders of Iron Sword Sect while Chen Feng was just a negligible character. They could extinguish his life with just one finger.

“You should be careful. By any chance, if they were to take action against you, you will have no way of escaping. Perhaps, leaving Iron Sword Sect and Black Origin City will be the best course of action for now,” Ye Tian said before leaving.

After Ye Tian left, Chen Feng shut the doors. With considerable difficulty, he suppressed the messy thoughts within his mind and began practicing cultivation.

Thankfully, the old cultivator had already taught Chen Feng the cultivation techniques for the Training Body and Energy stage. Otherwise, Chen Feng would have no way of knowing what to do after breaking through.

Following the cultivation method, the primary energy within his body began coursing through the special routes through his meridians. After 18 circulations, Chen Feng could feel the blood throughout his whole body boiling as it rumbled non-stop. It was as though there was a huge lightning bolt coursing within his body.

Strange, logically speaking, after breaking through to the third layer, only four meridians should be open, but I now have 18 meridians opened up. Not to mention, my primary energy is far stronger than those on the same layer. It did not take Chen Feng long to discover the irregular state within his body. He stopped his actions and began to ponder about it.

As Chen Feng was pondering the matter, the primary energy within his body began flowing once more. He had not been the one to spur them. Rather, the primary energy had taken the initiative to move on its own. It appeared to have a life of its own as it moved. Even the route it was taking had changed. It was different compared to the cultivation technique that Chen Feng normally practiced. It was an unfamiliar primary energy circuit.

As expected, the primary energy within my body has utterly changed. It is no longer the one I formed back then. This primary energy is unfamiliar and more powerful. Although it appears harmonious, it also contains a powerful life force and an indomitable will. While I have no clue what is going on here, one thing I can be certain of, this is a very powerful cultivation technique. Chen Feng deduced. At the same time, he focused on perceiving the route that the primary energy was taking.

After two hours, Chen Feng was finally capable of fully grasping the strange cultivation technique. Only then did he realize how incomparably mysterious the cultivation technique was. It was tens of times better than the cultivation technique of his Iron Sword Sect. At present, one day’s worth of cultivation would be the equivalent to tens of days’ worth of his past self’s cultivation efforts. Rather, it may even be up to hundreds of days. Realizing that, Chen Feng felt a desire to scream out.

To think there is such a monstrous cultivation technique in this world! This is an extreme defiance of Heaven! Not to mention, I can sense that this cultivation technique is still incomplete. I can’t even imagine how its effects would be in complete form. Chen Feng shouted inwardly.

As his body continued circulating the cultivation technique, the praise Chen Feng had for the cultivation technique grew. In comparison, the cultivation technique that he had been practicing all this time was like a trash amongst trash, a difference between Heaven and Earth.

My body suddenly have this strange primary energy within it. It also has a strange cultivation technique as well. It seems these things are connected to the little tower. Still, this is a good thing. With this cultivation technique, my cultivation base will advance at an unbelievable rate. Once I have reached a solid state, I will go deal with them.

For the next few days, Chen Feng chose not to go out. He stayed in the courtyard without making any fuss, entering a state of retreat as he practiced cultivation. After spending those few days practicing cultivation, his comprehension towards the strange cultivation technique grew. Not only did it possess a circulation route for primary energy within his body, it also came with corresponding movement techniques.

Following the flow of his primary energy, Chen Feng’s four limbs moved beyond his control to display one wondrous move after another. Body and energy as one, moving according to will. The moment he began practicing this cultivation technique, Chen Feng could no longer stop himself. He felt himself immersed within a profound state. Everything he had learned before appeared within his mind and he continuously displayed every one of the moves and patterns. Quickly, he achieved mastery of the moves.

This was a state of epiphany, an unperturbed state of the great Dao. Two hours’ worth of cultivation was the equivalent of tens of months; perhaps, even tens of years’ worth of cultivation.

At the same time, strands of worldly spiritual energy continuously flowed into Chen Feng’s body, melding together with his meridians, making the primary energy within his body grow in thickness and vigour. It did not take long for an even more absurd scene to emerge. Motes of light floated out from the flowers, grasses, trees and vines within the courtyard, the life essences of plants. Unexpectedly, under the influence of Chen Feng’s cultivation technique, they were invoked out. Next, they flew into Chen Feng’s body, leading to an even greater increase in his vitality and life force.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Clear sounds could be heard coming from within Chen Feng’s body. It grew louder and louder, as though a thunderbolt was rumbling within his body.

After the rumbling sound faded, the sound of flowing water emerged from Chen Feng’s body. It was the sound of his blood flowing with great vigour, a sublimation of his fleshly body where his bones were cleansed and his marrows tempered.

During this time, Ye Tian had come once. Seeing that Chen Feng was practicing cultivation, the colour of shock appeared within his eyes before he secretly left.

“Senior Brother Chen just went out once. How is it that he appeared to have become a completely different person? It seems he is on the verge of breaking through. Could he have eaten some Heavenly herb when he was out?” Ye Tian shook his head and left.

Finally, Chen Feng slowed his actions and stood still. He exhaled lengthily, pushing out turbid air from his body. His whole body felt light and his vision felt clear. The blood within his body slowly grew calm.

“Gather primary energy into the body and nourish the internal organs; let the primary energy flow steadily through the worldly bridge. It seems I have entered the fourth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage,” Chen Feng uttered in a soft whisper. Next, both his eyes glowed, seemingly in disbelief that he had broken through again in such a short span of time.

He had been bitterly practicing cultivation for the past six years only to barely reach the second layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. Now, however, using only a few days’ time, he had broken through again and again. He had broken through twice! If news of this were to spread out, it would shock others. Undoubtedly, it would also bring him endless troubles.

Chen Feng had heard before of how some cultivators were lucky enough to obtain certain treasures, which allowed their cultivation base to advance by leaps and bounds. In the end, however, before they could gain any success in their path of cultivation, they were killed off by masters and their treasure plundered.

Although Chen Feng had made two successive breakthroughs in a short amount of time, he was still a low-level cultivator within Iron Sword Sect. Not to mention, there were other forces within Black Origin City. Forget the elders, even some of the ordinary disciples within the sect were much stronger than him. At any rate, the speed of his cultivation in the past had been too slow. He had fallen way behind compared to his peers.

“I still have to stay low and endure.” Chen Feng sighed.


Chen Feng wanted to keep low. However, matters do not always follow one’s desires. The doors of the little courtyard were kicked open and three youngsters strutted inside.

Chapter 3: Lesson

Seeing the three figures, Chen Feng knitted his brows and killing intent flashed across his eyes.

The three figures were all around 16 to 17 years old. The clothes they wore and the items they carry were far better than Chen Feng’s and they wore arrogant expressions on their faces as they cast looks of disdain at Chen Feng.

“Wang Bo, what are you all here for?” asked Chen Feng coldly. Under Wang Bo’s lead, the three of them had often bullied Chen Feng. That was especially true of Wang Bo, who had beaten Chen Feng up several times before.

“Ohoh! I haven’t seen you for just a few days and you seem to have gotten braver, eh? To think you would be brave enough to talk to us like that,” jeered one of the youngsters standing beside Wang Bo. He was one of Wang Bo’s lackeys and would often assist Wang Bo in bullying Chen Feng.

“You are not welcomed here. Are you not leaving?” Chen Feng said coldly as he controlled his desire to attack.

“You are looking for a beating! Our Senior Brother Wang has taken a liking to this little courtyard of yours. Hurry up, pack up your things and leave this place,” shouted the first lackey.

“That is right, the old fellow is dead. This place is not for the likes of you. Hurry up and scram. Go find a dog kennel for yourself,” shouted the second lackey.

Wang Bo, who stood in the middle, said nothing. Instead, he raised his head up high in an arrogant manner while allowing his two lackeys to speak. It seemed as though Chen Feng was nothing in his eyes.

Hearing those words, the rage in Chen Feng’s heart burst forth. These people were being too much. They wanted to snatch away his little courtyard. After Chen Feng’s life as a wandering beggar came to an end, he had been staying here with the old cultivator and had come to regard this place as his own home. No one was allowed to snatch it away from him.

“What? Why aren’t you rolling off yet? Hurry up and pack up! Scram! Or do you want us to take action?”

“That is right, if we are to take action, you will definitely get beaten up again. Why bother? You have taken enough beatings.”

“Indeed, bullying one person everyday… even I feel bored from that.”

“Of course, if you are not going to act sensibly today, don’t blame us for being rough.”

The two lackeys kept talking, continuing each other’s words. In the end, they began rubbing their fists, seemingly intent on making their move.

“You fellows, scram!” Chen Feng was unable to stop himself from screaming out. The blood in his body boiled like a volcano that was on the brink of erupting.

“Yo! You really have gotten braver. In just a few days’ time, you actually dare to talk to us in such a way? It seems there is a need to properly teach you a lesson.” One of the lackeys took a large step forward and sent a slap towards Chen Feng.

Although it was just a simple waving motion, “pa pa” sounds could be heard coming from his arm. His palm flew with such ferocity that a strong gust of wind blew behind it. It contained the power of the rumbling bones (3rd) layer. A normal slap from someone of this layer could kill an ordinary person.


A glint flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes and he sent out a slap of his own. As his palm flew out, muffled rumbling could be heard from his body. His palm was faster than the lackey’s and made contact first despite being launched later. The two palms slapped each other.


Following a clear clapping sound, the first lackey cried out wretchedly before flying backwards. Falling onto the ground, his body then rolled back and forth. His palm hung limply. Chen Feng’s slap had broken it, causing him to feel intense pain. Sweat broke out all over his body as he cried out in misery again and again.

“Rumbling bones! You broke through?” Wang Bo exclaimed and his eyes, which were observing Chen Feng, glinted. However, he quickly recollected himself.

“And here I was, wondering why you could become so brave. It turns out you broke through. Humph, you have been cultivating within Iron Sword Sect for so long only to break through to the third layer now. You really are a trash amongst trash,” Wang Bo sneered.

“If I am a trash, then what about this lackey of yours?” answered Chen Feng with a sneer of his own. Seeing as he was capable of sending the lackey flying with one slap, Chen Feng grew more confident. He was no longer fearful of them.

“Humph, that was just due to carelessness. You have only just broken through, so we are in the same layer. I will not bully you. Let us exchange moves and pointers, then.” The second lackey’s body dashed out ferociously like a cheetah. His five fingers were curled like iron hooks and they swung towards Chen Feng. This was one of Iron Sword Sect’s martial techniques, the Eight Forms of Iron Claws. After successfully mastering it, a cultivator would be able to crush rocks with his fingers and tear wild beasts apart. It was a powerful technique.

Naturally, Chen Feng had also trained in that technique before. In order to not expose his full strength, he had suppressed his cultivation base to that of the third layer. His fingers curled to form hooks and they moved as fierce as the wind as he, too, displayed the Eight Forms of Iron Claws. He took the opponent’s move head on, exchanging blow for blow.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

As the two of them exchanged blows, the sound of colliding attacks rang out continuously and the two of them increased the rate at which they were attacking each other. Every attack was met head on as neither side was willing to take a step back, leading to what appeared like an even match.

Seeing that, Wang Bo’s eyes flickered. Who knows what he was thinking. Next, he knelt down and helped his first lackey with his wound. The lackey’s palm was cracked and his wrist broken. Even with spirit-type medicines, he will need to rest up for a good while. The first lackey observed Chen Feng, who was in the midst of battling, and a look of resentment appeared in his eyes. The trash that was usually picked on by others had actually wounded him. The pain from this fact alone was more unbearable compared to the pain from his wound.

It did not take long before they had unleashed 100 moves each. By now, the second lackey was beginning to feel anxious. He had unleashed his all but was still incapable of taking down this trash. Inevitably, he began to grow impulsive.

On Chen Feng’s end, he could have quickly finished off his opponent. However, he did not do so. Firstly, he did not want to expose his full strength. Secondly, he wanted to familiarize himself with his new cultivation base.

By now, Chen Feng felt that it was almost time to end it. Chen Feng spurred his primary energy to circulate faster. His blood practically galloped like an erupting volcano. Next, he sent a ferocious slap towards his opponent’s face. The second lackey uttered out a miserable cry from that. His teeth flew, blood spurted out from his nose, his mouth grew crooked and his eyes slanted as he fell to the ground before fainting.

“You.” The expression on Wang Bo’s face finally changed. He took two steps forward as both eyes stared at Chen Feng. His primary energy began circulating and a powerful aura radiated out from his body. Strong sounds came from his clothes. He was surprisingly a fourth layer cultivator.

Chen Feng could not afford to be careless. He knew that Wang Bo had broken through to the fourth layer for a while now. After opening up all of his meridians, he would break through again.

“What is this? Do you want to take action yourself?” Chen Feng circulated his primary energy and could feel it flowing steadily and continuously. Seeing as there were no signs of exhaustion, he felt assured.

“That is right. I want to see how much you have improved these days. Don’t think that you can get rid of the title ‘trash’ just because you have broken through one layer. Today, I will beat sense back into you and let you know that you will forever be a trash,” uttered Wang Bo coldly and took the lead. His feet moved quickly and he appeared before Chen Feng. Both his hands shot out in a uniform manner, all 10 fingers forming hooks as he grabbed at Chen Feng’s shoulder. This move of his, as fast as the wind, was even more powerful compared to the two lackeys’. He intended on breaking Chen Feng’s shoulders with this vicious move. Although he looked down on Chen Feng, he had still gone all-out in his move.

“Bone Crushing Hands!” Chen Feng uttered coldly. His legs moved swiftly as he displayed Iron Sword Sect’s movement technique and dodged the move.

“That is right, this is Bone Crushing Hands. I will not kill you, I will just crush all the bones in your body and make you submissive for a while. I will let you know, a trash will always remain a trash! Even after breaking through, you will always be a pitiful bug before me,” sneered Wang Bo. His sharp fingers swiftly changed their trajectory, causing “pa pa” sounds to ring out as they shot towards Chen Feng once more.

Chen Feng’s figure dodged away once more. He continued to dodge his opponent’s grasping attack. Yet, despite being forced to dodge all the time, he revealed no signs of panic. His eyes shone as he observed every move Wang Bo made. He was able to clearly see every movement pattern that Wang Bo made.


Every time Chen Feng stopped, a part of his sleeves would be ripped out to drift about in the air. After several of his attacks all failed to connect, Wang Bo grew furious and put more power into his attacks.

“Bone Shattering Fingers!” Wang Bo shouted out and two fingers suddenly shot out towards Chen Feng. Every one of the finger strikes would leave the sound of torn air.

Bone Shattering Fingers could be considered a middle-upper level martial technique within Iron Sword Sect. Only those who had opened up at least 100 meridians could practice this technique. After successfully mastering it, by tapping the opponent’s fleshly body, the user could shatter the opponent’s bones. It was a very brutal and overbearing technique.

“You have actually practiced Bone Shattering Fingers!” Rage flared within Chen Feng. For Wang Bo to display this move meant that he clearly intended on crippling him.

“Originally, I only wanted to teach you a lesson. Now, however, I have changed my mind,” said Chen Feng with a sneer.

“Shameless bragging! I want to see what you can do!” Wang Bo scoffed. Once again, he lashed a finger out at Chen Feng’s dantian region. He wanted to cripple Chen Feng.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The blood within Chen Feng’s body coursed rapidly as primary energy flowed swiftly. Having channelled all his strength, his primary energy circulated. Chen Feng could feel powerful waves of energy gushing towards all of his skeletal structures. At the same time, he displayed a profound move, one from the mysterious cultivation technique.

The profound move broke Wang Bo’s Bone Shattering Fingers attack. Taking advantage of that moment, Chen Feng sent a strike towards Wang Bo.

Seeing Chen Feng’s attack break his Bone Shattering Fingers, Wang Bo’s face immediately sank. Although he had only just begun practicing the Bone Shattering Fingers, the power behind it was not something that any fourth layer cultivator could brush aside.


The palm struck Wang Bo’s chest and he was sent flying. He could feel a destructive power seeping through his body before ravaging through his internal life force without respite. Next, with a “plop”, he fell to the ground. Then, he coughed out a mouthful of blood.


Wang Bo struggled to get up and he pointed at Chen Feng, incapable of saying anything. The primary energy within his body was a mess and his meridians had been terribly damaged. He could no longer even stand properly. At the same time, his mind shouted. How could this trash become so strong?! He felt most unwilling. Yet, he dared not say anything.

“Just scram. Consider this a lesson. Don’t come provoke me again in the future. Otherwise, I will break your arms and legs and destroy your cultivation base,” shouted Chen Feng coldly.

Hearing those words, Wang Bo felt as though his ears were ringing. He could not believe that those words could come out from this trash. This trash who could only wait to be bullied by others had wounded him. Additionally, judging by the looks of it, it would appear that he simply did not view Wang Bo as much.

Wang Bo glared at Chen Feng furiously and gnashed his teeth. Then, he turned to move away.

“Hold it, take your two lackeys with you,” Chen Feng spoke up once again.


Wang Bo grew greatly infuriated and the expression on his face flickered continuously. Then, he moved forward to prop up his two lackeys before walking out miserably.

Phew, I finally vented it out. To think that a day would come where I could hold my head up high. Watching Wang Bo disappear in a wretched manner, Chen Feng felt pleasantness within his heart. A considerable amount of the feelings of suffocation that he had been accumulating within himself had dissipated.

Eh, what happened?

Only then did Chen Feng notice the withered flowers, grasses and trees within the courtyard. The flowers and grasses on the ground were especially withered. It was as though they had been abruptly brought out from late summer into the cold of winter. In the blink of an eye, their life force had been absorbed. It was not just them. Even some of the vines in the courtyard had grown withered in certain places.

Chapter 4: Exhilarating Battle

Could this be due to my cultivation efforts? No wonder I get the feeling that the primary energy within my body was getting filled more and more. Additionally, it seems to have some wood essence within it.

If so, wouldn’t the rate at which I cultivate grow faster? I am now at the fourth layer. If there is enough primary energy, I can open up the other closed meridians and break through once again into the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer. Chen Feng joyfully thought to himself.

It did not take long for Ye Tian to run in once more. Seeing Chen Feng, a look of surprise appeared in his eyes.

“You sent Wang Bo packing just now?” Ye Tian asked in disbelief.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Sii, in other words, you have reached the fourth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. You managed to break through twice in a row?” asked Ye Tian with a shocked face.

Chen Feng nodded again. He did not elaborate.

“You need to be careful. Wang Bo’s grandfather is an elder of our sect. Now that Wang Bo has suffered a loss, he will certainly go find some other disciple to trouble you,” said Ye Tian in a concerned manner.

Despite not saying anything in response, a hint of urgency could be seen from Chen Feng’s eyes. Not only were there disciples on the fifth layer and the sixth layer, some of the elite disciples had even managed to reach the seventh layer. It was still quite an easy feat for people like them to kill Chen Feng off. At the end of the day, he was still too weak.

After Ye Tian left, Chen Feng gently stroked the little tower he wore on his chest and pondered. The little tower that had accompanied him all this time remained the same, ordinary, shabby and filled with cracks. In the past, Chen Feng had never given it much thought. However, as it was the only thing he had on his person, he had never thrown it away. After the incident with the lightning bolt, however, Chen Feng finally realized that this little tower was definitely not a common item. His mind raced. His life may be connected to this little tower.

As far back as he can remember, he had been wandering about all alone and had gone to who knows just how many places. He had had to suffer so much, nearly dying of starvation several times, nearly eaten by wild beasts. Naturally, Chen Feng wanted to know where he had come from. Who were his parents? Was he abandoned? Or were there other unknown reasons for it? Yet, with the exception of this shabby little tower on his person, he had nothing else.

A few days ago, the shabby little tower revealed an irregular display by not only sucking up a lightning bolt, but also allowing Chen Feng to break through twice in quick succession. Facing these facts, Chen Feng was incapable of remaining calm.

Just what is the secret of this little tower? A pity I am only on the fourth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. Only after reaching the Concealed stage can I possess the divine sense. Only after reaching that stage can I control magic treasures. Only then can I figure it out. Although this little tower looks terribly damaged, I feel that it is not an ordinary item.

Still, cultivate up to Concealed stage? How insurmountable of a task is that? The number of Concealed stage cultivators in Black Origin City can practically be counted with one hand.

In the end, Chen Feng shook his head and stopped dwelling about it. That was still a faraway task. At present, it was important for him to quickly improve his strength so that he could take on the incoming set of problems.

During the next few days, Chen Feng chose not to go out as well. He stayed quietly within the little courtyard and continued to practice cultivation. After spending the past few days checking himself, Chen Feng was certain that the primary energy he was cultivating had been completely changed into an unfamiliar one. However, this primary energy was far more powerful compared to primary energy that he had cultivated in the past. It was filled with vitality and his blood felt fully charged while his bones grew stronger. In a matter of days, Chen Feng could feel himself growing considerably taller. His flesh was also slowly bulging outwards and was filled with power.

Although Chen Feng had found some techniques from the circulation of the primary energy, he could clearly sense that both the cultivation technique and moves he found were flawed. Yes, the cultivation technique and moves he currently practiced were flawed. In fact, Chen Feng could feel that his current cultivation technique was not even one tenth of the original one.

This strange cultivation technique must have been sent out from the little tower. When I reach the Concealed stage and control the little tower, I might be able to practice the complete version of this cultivation technique. Chen Feng thought to himself.

The strange primary energy was indeed very powerful. In merely a few days’ time, Chen Feng had managed to open up another two meridians. Seeing this rate of cultivation, Chen Feng secretly felt joyful. Based on the present rate of progress, he would likely be capable of breaking through soon and reach the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer. Then, he would have some status within Iron Sword Sect and could be considered somewhere in the middle of the pyramid.

This day, Chen Feng was cultivating himself again when his ears suddenly perked up. He had heard noisy footsteps moving ever closer towards his little courtyard.

Chen Feng frowned and whispered, “Is trouble coming again?”


Once again, the doors to his little courtyard was kicked open and six figures walked inside. One of them was none other than the one sent packing that day, Wang Bo. At that moment, he was glaring viciously at Chen Feng. At the same time, there was a look of pride on his face. It would appear that he was here for revenge.

Seeing the figures around him, Chen Feng’s face fell and he felt somewhat nervous.

“Turns out, it is Senior Brother Liu Yuan.” Chen Feng stepped forward and greeted courteously.

Liu Yuan was a young man under the age of 20. He watched Chen Feng greet him with an impassive face and nodded in response, but said nothing. Who knows what he was thinking?

Liu Yuan was a cultivator at the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer. He had reached that level since he was 17 years old. According to rumours, he was presently attempting to form astral energy to break through again.

Chen Feng looked at Wang Bo, who had the prideful look on his face, and swore inwardly. He actually got Liu Yuan to come? This fellow is one layer above me with hundred opened meridians, primary energy that flows steadily and continuously and a nourished fleshly body. Not only that, he is already about to form astral energy! How am I supposed to deal with him?

However, there was one thing that assured Chen Feng. Liu Yuan was someone who only focused on cultivation and was not an overbearing fellow like others. He had never bullied Chen Feng and possessed a fairly good character.

“Not bad. To be able to breakthrough twice in a row in such a short span on time, this is no simple feat. It seems you have been accumulating it all these years,” said Liu Yuan after looking at Chen Feng. He did not appear too hostile.

“Senior Brother, please take action and teach this trash a lesson,” Wang Bo called out as he sneered at Chen Feng.

“You are only on the fourth layer, still far from me. I will not bully you. Ten moves. If you can still stand after that, I will not pursue this matter anymore. If you fail, move out from this place,” said Liu Yuan coolly as he continued looking at Chen Feng.

“Senior Brother Liu.” Wang Bo had wanted to interject, but was stopped by Liu Yuan. Originally, Wang Bo had asked Liu Yuan over to beat Chen Feng up. Unexpectedly, Liu Yuan seemingly had other thoughts about the matter and had decided to ignore Wang Bo.

“Very well, I will experience Senior Brother Liu’s high-level techniques,” answered Chen Feng solemnly. The primary energy within his body began circulating, rolling like tidal waves to give birth to wave after wave of mighty power. Blood pumped intensely, like a volcano accumulating power just before erupting.

“Mm, it is indeed the fourth layer. Additionally, you are not too far from the fifth layer. Make your move, then,” said Liu Yuan calmly, seemingly not viewing Chen Feng as much.

There were both seriousness and grimness in Chen Feng’s eyes. His heel slammed the ground all of a sudden as he shot towards Liu Yuan like an arrow. At the same time, his fingers formed hooks as they swung towards Liu Yuan, bringing a sharp wind behind it. Again, the Iron Sword Sect’s Eight Forms of Iron Claws was displayed. Every finger was like a sharp sword. Although it was just an ordinary martial technique, once caught, this technique will tear flesh.

“Good!” Liu Yuan shouted softly and his eyes shone. Fighting intent radiated out from his body. This here was a martial addict. It did not matter if his opponent was weak or strong. The moment he took action, he would enter a state of focus and go all-out.


A loud sound rang out as claw and palm slammed into each other. Chen Feng could only feel numbness within all five of his fingers. A force like that of the mountains and seas travelled through his arm over to him, causing him to involuntarily take a few steps backwards. His blood pumped vigorously and his primary energy circulated rapidly. The feelings of discomfort in his body then quickly dissipated and his arm returned to normal.


Chen Feng moved accordingly as his feet moved again and again. Then, he extended out both his index and middle finger towards Liu Yuan. It was none other than the Bone Shattering Fingers.

Liu Yuan had originally thought that his blow earlier, with his greater internal strength, could send Chen Feng flying. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng had only taken a few steps backwards. Additionally, he appeared to be all right as he pounced forward at Liu Yuan once more. Shocked, Liu Yuan quickly retaliated with his own two fingers. He had utilized the same move, intent on using his greater internal energy to suppress Chen Feng.


Another loud clashing sound could be heard, like that of two rocks colliding. The two of them stepped backwards and Chen Feng felt immense pain from his two fingers. It felt as though they were broken. The force behind the attack was such that even his whole arm had gone numb.

“Strong fellow! It seems most of the meridians in this kid’s body have been opened. To think that he would be able to face me head on.” Liu Yuan’s face turned serious and his eyes shone. At that moment, he had truly taken Chen Feng to be his opponent.

“One more time!” Chen Feng shouted as he took the lead and charged at Liu Yuan, unleashing one attack after another. Just now, the circulation of the primary energy within his body had instantly cleared away the feelings of numbness in his arm, returning it to its normal state. Even the pain he felt in his fingers had dissipated instantly.

“Good!” Liu Yuan shouted back as he displayed various moves of his own, entering the battle against Chen Feng.

Seeing the fight between the two, the onlookers present were all stunned. That was especially true of Wang Bo, whose eyes had turned red and his breathing ragged. He had originally thought that with Liu Yuan’s help, taking care of Chen Feng would be a simple matter. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng could face Liu Yuan head on. Additionally, it would appear that the two of them were slightly evenly matched.

In the face of this scene, even the other disciples that had come over were in disbelief. Was this still the same trash that others would normally bully? Was this the same trash who could only reach the second layer after six years of cultivation?

The weak little cat of the past had transformed into a ferocious tiger. This was something that everyone could not accept. That was especially true for those who had bullied Chen Feng before in the past. They became distressed and their faces turned uneasy, fearing that Chen Feng might take revenge on them in the future. At present, all of them were hoping that Liu Yuan could defeat Chen Feng.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The two of them were still at it. They had long since gone past ten moves. The power coming out from Liu Yuan had been gradually growing and his every move was stronger than the previous one. However, he was not able to beat Chen Feng back. On the contrary, in face of such pressure, Chen Feng grew even more resilient, giving off a feeling of steadfastness in face of a tempest.

“Excellent! Take one more move from me!” Liu Yuan laughed out loudly as he finally unleashed his strongest attack. At that very moment, Liu Yuan appeared to have transformed into a sharp sword and ringing sounds emanated out from his clothes. This was a sword intent that Liu Yuan had practiced out. It was also his most powerful attack. Every part of his body, his strength, his energy, all transformed into a sharp sword. His whole body became like a sharp, unsheathed sword, shooting towards Chen Feng.


Seeing Liu Yuan unleash his might, Wang Bo and the others shouted out.

“To think that Senior Brother Liu has reached this realm, spirit and body as one, transforming into a sword. This kid is in for a painful one. Even if he survives, he will be terribly wounded.”

“That is right. It will be for the best if this trash is crippled. A cripple will always be a cripple!” Wang Bo gnashed out.

Chapter 5: Aftermath of the Lightning Strike

At that very moment, Chen Feng displayed that profound martial technique once more. In face of the mountain-like pressure, Chen Feng had no choice but to give it his all. He howled as he exerted every last drop of his strength, his blood charged as his primary energy flowed like an agile snake and every fibre of his muscle trembled; even his skeletal structure was quivering. Even his hair flew up. It was an imperious sight to behold.

Their two attacks collided with a loud “bang”. Powerful air waves spread out from the point between the two, causing some of the flowers and grasses within the little courtyard to turn to smithereens. As for the two of them, they were sent flying backwards. Liu Yuan smashed into the doors of the little courtyard, leaving them in pieces. As for Chen Feng, he slammed into a tree within the little courtyard, a tree which required two men to wrap around. His body then slid down the ground and rolled on the ground a few times. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, incapable of getting up anymore.

Wang Bo and the rest had no words to say. To think that it would end with the two of them getting badly injured.

The trash that everyone had been looking down on all this time could now fight to such a degree against Liu Yuan. This was unbelievable for them. This was especially true for Wang Bo. He could not accept this fact. If this is true, how will I get revenge in the future?

“Good! Good!” By then, Liu Yuan had walked back through the gate. There was a trace of blood on his lips and his face was slightly pale as he looked at Chen Feng. There were both shock and recognition in his eyes.

“Great men are late bloomers, shocking the world from nowhere with one move. One year later, I will be waiting for you in our sect’s grand competition,” said Liu Yuan while looking at Chen Feng. Then, he turned and left, ignoring Wang Bo and the others, who were standing nearby.

“Cough! Cough!” Chen Feng coughed out a few times. His chest was stained with blood and he forced himself to sit down to rouse the primary energy within his body to heal himself.

Those few figures who had come along earlier looked at Chen Feng and the aftermath of the battle. Then, one by one, they left. In the end, only Wang Bo was left. A violent glint shone within his eyes as he seemingly considered something.

Finally, Wang Bo gritted his teeth and stepped towards Chen Feng. At the same time, he reached for the sword hanging down his waist.


When there were only three metres between him and Chen Feng, Chen Feng raised his head. His eyes flashed, shocking Wang Bo.

“What? Are you planning on making a move? Did you think that just because I am wounded, I cannot kill you?” Both of Chen Feng’s eyes were staring intently at Wang Bo and killing intent radiated out from his body.

Looking at Chen Feng, Wang Bo was unable to stop himself from shivering. His grip on his sword grew tighter. Then, he turned around and quickly left. Although it was somewhat humiliating, he had witnessed Chen Feng’s might earlier. He truly feared that the wounded Chen Feng might go crazy and kill him off. No matter what, he was not someone to take his own life trivially.

After Wang Bo left, Chen Feng let out a sigh of relief. Although he did not fear Wang Bo, forcing himself to fight while his body was so terribly wounded would badly affect him.

Chen Feng pulled out a medicinal pill and swallowed it before proceeding with the healing process. In the final full out exchange earlier, Chen Feng’s meridians had been terribly damaged. It would be best for him to not move about for a while.

As expected of one with a hundred opened meridians, the primary energy within his body is extremely brutal. He is not someone I can fight against. However, I did block his attack. If I am at the same layer as him, defeating him would be easy. Rather, if only I had progressed a step further, opening up another two meridians, with the help of the martial technique from the strange cultivation technique, I would have been capable of defeating him. Despite his wounds, Chen Feng felt happy as he could feel himself quickly growing stronger.

“Eh?” Chen Feng suddenly exclaimed. Next, he closed his eyes to practice his cultivation method. A few moments later, he opened his eyes and exhaled out a breath of red-coloured, turbid air. His eyes shone, brimming with vigour, unlike one who was suffering from internal injuries.

“Truly shocking! The wounds within my body are healing quickly. This must be due to the strange primary energy within my body,” muttered Chen Feng in shock.

Naturally, Chen Feng did not think it was due to the medicinal pill he took. Even though he had swallowed a pill earlier, it could not have helped him recover in such a short time. By Chen Feng’s estimate, given the rate at which his body was healing, he would likely be fully healed in less than half a day’s time.

Next, Chen Feng chose not to move around. Instead, he sat cross-legged and focused on respiration as he adjusted his internal rate of breathing. This time, as he circulated his primary energy, he could clearly sense the essences of the grasses and flowers within the little courtyard being absorbed by him. The essences entered his body to bolster his life force and heal his wounds.

What a miraculous cultivation technique. As it is, does it mean I do not have to fear getting injured in the future? Additionally, the life force within my body will grow stronger and stronger. Breaking through continuously will not be a difficult thing for me.

Chen Feng then suppressed his feelings of excitement and began focusing on healing his wounds.

The rate of healing went beyond Chen Feng’s expectations. In only four hours, Chen Feng could feel that his body had fully recovered. Additionally, his meridians were even more resilient and the primary energy within his body was even more bountiful than before.

Excellent. As expected, there can be no construction without destruction. Chen Feng clenched his fists happily.

By now, most of the meridians within Chen Feng’s body had been opened up. Additionally, his meridians were wider and more resilient compared to the average cultivators. By reaching the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer, Chen Feng was confident that he would be able to defeat Liu Yuan.

The primary energy within his body flowed steadily non-stop, charging continuously through his meridians. With each circulation, some impurities would be filtered out, making them even purer and condensed. His heart thumped vigorously as his blood surged continuously, creating powerful charging forces, which flowed towards all four limbs. The forces cleansed his marrow and tempered his bones, strengthening his body further.

Chen Feng continued cultivating for a while longer before finally choosing to walk out through the gate. He now appeared tall, his pace steady and powerful, his eyes bright and clear and his face revealed a trace of resolution. Chen Feng felt that this was the first time his spine had such strength. The inferiority and humiliation he felt in the past were quickly dissipating and a feeling of confidence flowed into every part of his body.

At that time, the sun was leaning slightly towards the west and faint sunlight pierced through the shadows cast by the trees to create small downward shafts of light. The old crows within the forest cawed out without stopping.

The moment Chen Feng stepped out, he attracted the gazes of his fellow disciples.

“Hey, look! Is that the trash? Why do I feel like he has become a different person?”

“Shh! Lower your voice! He is not a trash anymore. Didn’t you hear? Just now, Chen Feng fought against Senior Brother Liu Yuan, leading to both suffering from serious injuries.”

“What do you mean both suffering from serious injuries? Isn’t he all right now? In the future, we cannot call him a trash anymore. We must address him as Senior Brother Chen. As for you fellows who would normally bully him, just you wait. I think Chen Feng will definitely have his revenge.”

“Humph! What is there to fear? No matter how powerful he may be, he is just a minor cultivator on the fourth layer. There are many more powerful disciples than him in our sect.”

“Hey, hey! As I recall, you and Chen Feng joined the sect at the same time. During the past six years, Chen Feng could only reach the second layer while you reached the third layer. But now Chen Feng has reached the fourth layer, one upping you. I also recall that you bullied him quite a bit in the past.”

“Humph! He just got lucky with his breakthrough. Besides, I am going to break through soon. When that happens, I do not need to fear him at all.”

Hearing to the discussion coming from his fellow disciples, Chen Feng’s face remained as calm as still water. There was no expression on his face. Inwardly, though, he sneered incessantly at them.

After making his way out from Iron Sword Sect, Chen Feng did not stop. Soon, he had made his way out from Black Origin City as he once again made his way towards the valley where he was struck by the lightning bolt.

The valley was not too small. It was connected to a range of rolling mountains. Any one of the mountains there was hundreds of times larger than Black Origin City. Some were even thousands of times bigger.

Some of the spots on the mountain range were filled with plants, flowers and grasses, which made it a picturesque image to behold. At the same time, however, they also played host to wild beasts. Danger lurked in every corner. Even the immortal world was filled with danger. Forget a minor cultivator like Chen Feng, even an expert in the Concealed stage could die within the mountain range.

Naturally, Chen Feng did not have the guts to venture deep inside. He simply stayed on the edges of the mountain ranges. Every time he felt down, or after getting bullied, Chen Feng would come to this valley to vent his feelings. Sometimes, he would bitterly practice cultivation. Truth be told, the amount of time he spent within the valley had exceeded the time he spent within his sect.

Chen Feng did not stop at all along the way. He moved quickly until he reached the place where he was struck by lightning. Looking around, he saw that there were seemingly no changes to the place. He could still see traces left by the lightning bolt.

Within the valley, luxuriant trees grew. Trees growing up to hundreds of metres tall could be seen everywhere, filling the place and covering the sky. Apes cried and tigers roared as the birds chirped along.

How strange, such a big and ancient tree is reduced to ashes after getting struck by lightning. Or, could it be the tree had formed a spirit and provoked a Heavenly Tribulation? Chen Feng speculated inwardly. However, he quickly dismissed the idea. He had come to this valley many times before and even climbed up it. Nothing strange had ever happened before.

Chen Feng then continued to check the surroundings. The ancient tree there had been reduced to ashes and even its roots underground had disappeared.

Those lightning bolts were really accurate and thorough. Though, I wonder why it would strike me? Or could it be that I am so despised by Heaven that it would not allow me to live on?

But that is not right. I don’t recall doing anything that could invoke the wrath of Heaven. Rather, I am always the one getting bullied.

Chen Feng expanded the range of his inspection. In the end, he unconsciously made his way deeper into the valley.

Eh? This place also has traces of a lightning strike.

Chen Feng was stunned as he looked at a towering tree that had been split apart by a lightning strike. The split tree was over a hundred metres tall and was several times bigger compared to the one in the outskirts of the valley.

How strange, how strange. Chen Feng checked the surrounding areas and continued to venture deeper.

After moving several hundred metres inside, Chen Feng found yet another lightning-struck tree. This one only had its roots left. Charred remnants could be found in the surrounding areas.

Seeing those aroused Chen Feng’s curiosity. He continued to venture into the forest, ignoring the fact that he was going deep into the mountain range, far deeper than he normally would.

By now, I have found up to 18 trees struck by lightning. Some were utterly reduced to ashes while some were broken apart. This is extremely peculiar. Chen Feng shook his head. It was then that he noticed that the sky had turned dark. The round moon hung high up in the sky and faint light shone down from the starry sky. The air was filled with a dim atmosphere of harmony and tranquillity.

This is quite a good place to cultivate. A pity, I have ventured too deep. It is said that there are various types of wild beasts inside this mountain range. Even a Concealed stage expert could be ripped apart here. I should leave this place as soon as possible. Although Chen Feng wanted to move further in, he suppressed the feelings of curiosity within him. The mountain range was filled with dangers and he had no desire to die in vain.

As Chen Feng was just about to leave, he heard indistinct voices talking in the distance.

There are some people here! Chen Feng was shocked. His body moved like a monkey and he quickly climbed up a nearby tree. After climbing up a distance of over 30 metres, he carefully hid himself within a dense foliage.

It did not take long for two figures to move closer. Although it was already late at night, Chen Feng could still make out their appearances through the leaves of the foliage.

One was a middle-aged Daoist while the other was a young cultivator in warrior gear. The two of them discussed amongst themselves as they moved forward. They displayed an unconcerned attitude. However, each step they took covered a distance of several zhang (1 zhang = 3.333 m). They were practically flying through the forest like ghosts.

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