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Heaven’s Devourer

Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 1: Heaven’s Eyes

“Wu Yu! You’re the Imperial Crown Prince! How dare you engage in such a disgraceful and harmful deed!”

“You are the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s greatest shame in history! Our Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s reputation has been untarnished for over 10,000 years. Yet it has all been brought to ruin in your hands!”

“If the previous emperor was still alive… if he had known of your beastly conduct… he would definitely have been angered to the point of death!”

These sharp and embarrassing words from his surroundings overwhelmed him, threatening to tear his eardrums apart. Wu Yu was experiencing a splitting headache. He tried his very best to open his eyes, yet his eyelids felt like they were glued shut. His head was constantly throbbing.

“I must be dreaming. I remember… It’s my coronation ceremony tomorrow. I need to sleep now, only then can I wake up early tomorrow…”

With his martial cultivation, the only time he was unable to control his body was in his dreams.

“Wu Yu! You are utterly heartless. For how much longer do you plan to continue with this facade?” Yet another sharp voice rang out. It was as though a cold wind had pierced through his ears and bones. It seemed as though someone was shouting right into his ear.


The scene in front of him was a little blurry. It seemed as though he was on a bed.

It felt as though he was in the midst of winter. Even with his martial cultivation, he still felt the cold seep through his bones.


His head throbbed in pain and his vision was blurry. As he looked towards the side of his bed, on it sat a dishevelled girl. She looked extremely seductive, one who could move crowds with just her beauty. Her ragged clothes barely hid her pristine and tender white flesh. Her head of messy, long hair lay scattered across her chest. The sight was indeed moving.

She was a true beauty. What’s more, they had just shared the night. Yet she was curled up in a corner, panic evident in her eyes with her delicate and exquisite face ruined by tear streaks.

“Imperial Concubine Xi!”

This situation struck Wu Yu like a bolt from the blue.

Imperial Concubine Xi was the prior Emperor’s imperial concubine. In other words, she was his dad’s woman.

Wu Yu did not like this woman. Why was he even dreaming of her? And what was this scene?

Furthermore, he felt extremely cold. It was as though he was only wearing a pair of shorts.

His splitting headache threatened to crack his head open. Wu Yu fainted once again.


A basin of icy water was doused upon him. Wu Yu woke up in shock. He realized that he was lying on the icy ground and he truly had no clothes on!  There were numerous people around him, giving him vicious and disappointed stares.

“This… is not a dream!”

Wu Yu was hit with a sudden bout of clarity. Although he was still feeling weak and relatively disorientated, he was able to discern what was happening. This was definitely not a dream.

“Tomorrow was supposed to be the day of my coronation! That bed which I was on was adorned with a colorful phoenix… It was definitely not my bed!” This was Imperial Concubine Xi’s palace hall, her imperial residence!  Just why was he there?

His eyes glazed across the audience. The beautiful Imperial Concubine Xi was already surrounded by her private guards. A thick, fur coat was draped over her body.

With the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s rules, it was forbidden for any official to step into the official harem’s chambers. Yet, currently, all the numerous members of royalty and aristocrats were swarming over him! It was truly an impenetrable crowd. Clearly something heaven-shaking had occurred. Thinking back to what had previously happened, Wu Yu knew that immense trouble was coming.

“Not good!”

As he tried to sit up, he realised that he was completely unable to. His entire body was devoid of strength, and even remaining down was strenuous.

“Wu Yu! You! You! You are a greedy beast! Imperial Concubine Xi is your mother-in-law! You dare to violate even her?! If this was not discovered sooner, you would have completely sullied the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s reputation!

“A scandal! This is truly a scandal! Oh, late Emperor! He is truly the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s misfortune! It is truly humiliating!”

Each and every individual there, whether they were an official or a member of royalty, could only feel seething anger at this act.

“I have always said that this Wu Yu does not deserve to be the crown prince, much less to ascend the throne as the emperor! He chose to declare wars for his own entertainment, and his personality is unreasonable and ruthless. He does not care for the law and does whatever he wishes!  He did not choose to learn how to administrate the country and is only concerned with the martial way! How does he deserve to be an emperor?”

The one who spoke was another prince. His position in the kingdom was high and he had never seen eye to eye with Wu Yu.

Wu Yu couldn’t help but to laugh coldly. To the accusations of those so-called wars, when he was 14, he had brought the armies of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom to defend against the neighboring country’s incursions. In the end. he had managed to repel the enemies and even managed to conquer a quarter of the enemy’s territory. As the Crown Prince, he had become revered, shocking the masses. He had even been titled the Young War God!

With regards to not learning about administration but being focused on the martial way, it was Wu Yu’s style of running the kingdom. He was determined to use his martial cultivation to assist him in doing so. He was only 15 this year, but he had already reached the fifth tier of the Sky Realm.

In the entire kingdom, including the surrounding countries, there was no one who could compare with Wu Yu. Within the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, Wu Yu was the number one genius, a cultivating demon!

In fact, many had predicted that in his lifetime, he would definitely manage to reach the 10th tier of the Sky Realm, becoming a Supreme Martial Artist!

In the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s 10,000 years of history, only the founding Emperor possessed such a level of cultivational talent!

Yet, in the words of this prince, Wu Yu’s achievements had become nothing more than acts of wanton aggression!

“Hmph! I also refuse to accept this Wu Yu as emperor. He does not possess the demeanor of a crown prince!  If it was not for the untimely death of the previous Crown Prince, why would he have managed to obtain such a position? Furthermore, his mother is of lowly birth, born in the wilderness. If not for the late Emperor’s doting affection, how would he have managed to snatch the position of crown prince? This Wu Yu has the blood of savages running within him, so it’s natural that he would be crude and unrefined. His behaviour today is even worse than that of a beast!”

The one who spoke was a marshal in the army. Regardless of whether it was in terms of influence or cultivation, he was vastly inferior to Wu Yu.

He had a wastrel for a son. This son of his would often cause trouble in the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. Once, he even killed innocents and then was caught by Wu Yu.  That wastrel had even wanted to gift the things he had looted from the bodies to Wu Yu. Yet Wu Yu was incensed by this behavior and had hung him on top of the city gates, leaving him under the scorching sun for three days and three nights until he died. This piece of news had terrified everyone in the kingdom. After which, no one dared to commit such actions again.

Wu Yu understood what was going on. He had been framed. Furthermore, he had been caught in the act. Someone was definitely pulling the strings in the background. This person was able to utilize Imperial Concubine Xi to stop him from ascending the throne. Just who could it be? Furthermore, this individual was able to suppress him by a head!

To be frank, when it came to one’s methods and one’s cultivation, Wu Yu was unparalleled! Ever since the passing of the previous Emperor, no one had dared to slight him. Furthermore, he was known to be virtuous and upright and possessed fame amongst the commoners.

“All hail Hao Tian the Heavenly Immortal!”

A piercing sound caused Wu Yu’s head to ring.

“Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, he…” Wu Yu was stunned for a moment. He had not heard wrongly. It was the Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was a true immortal!

He was the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s immortal protector. It was said that he was over 100 years old.

He was a Heavenly Immortal, something completely different from a human. Even if Wu Yu managed to cultivate to the 10th tier and became a Supreme Martial Artist, he was still far removed from a true immortal. An immortal was such. He had been sent here by the heavens to protect the kingdom from disasters.

As the Immortal Protector, he would almost never involve himself in the affairs of mortals. They were here for just one reason: to protect the people and slay any demons. Only when demons appeared and were harming people would these usually reclusive immortals come out to slay them.

Even the late Emperor was extremely respectful towards this heavenly immortal. He had also heeded the advice of this immortal many a time.

Unimaginably, he had actually appeared.

Everyone’s faces immediately turned pious at the sight of him.

Wu Yu raised his head to look. At Imperial Concubine Xi’s palace door, there appeared a faint shadow. It was just an instant, but Wu Yu was unable to see the movement of this immortal.

This was a heavenly immortal, the only person Wu Yu was truly respectful of.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was over a 100 years old, but he looked just like a young man. His face was rosy and his body tall and willowy. Although his hair and eyebrows were white, he possessed exuberant vitality. This was the overwhelming vital energy that an immortal possessed!

He wore a white robe, and on it was engraved numerous Ba Guas while in his hand he held a horsetail whisk. No evil spirit would dare approach him. A pair of bright eyes adorned his face, shining like the stars above. Nothing could evade his starry gaze.

“Our respects to Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian

The Imperial Chancellor, Imperial Concubine Xi, and her guards all prostrated themselves against the ground.

“I have understood what has happened today.”

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian’s voice was extremely youthful and resonant. It was full of strength, and everyone who heard it felt their spirits surge with energy.  This was the voice of an immortal!

“Please judge the offender, Esteemed Immortal!” Imperial Concubine Xi’s face was full of tears, her body trembling. It looked as though she was feeling extremely aggrieved.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian declared, “It’s fine. One cannot rule the kingdom if one is evil.” His pair of scorching eyes stared at Wu Yu. This gave Wu Yu the feeling of immense guilt. That very glance had almost coerced him to confess his very actions.

“Wu Yu, you have committed a grave mistake. The Immortal Dao does not agree with your actions. With the mandate of heaven, I hereby relieve you of your position as the Crown Prince and your right to ascend the throne.  From today onwards, I will waste your martial cultivation and banish you. You will serve your sentence in exile, allowing you to experience the mortal world and to be reborn anew.”

With the Mandate of Heaven, he was stripped of his title, his martial cultivation was ruined, and he was banished!

Tragic! Tragic! Tragic!

Upon hearing the judgment, the royalty and officials began to cheer loudly, “The Heavenly Immortal is wise!”

Wu Yu was instead extremely calm. He did not cry or make any noise. All of his feelings were suppressed in his heart. Deep within, his heart was like a raging, flaming mountain with lava roiling about. This was a hatred born from the bones!

This was fate! It was his fate!

Wu Yu couldn’t help but to bitterly smile. He finally understood.

“Ever since I reached my current state, no one within this entire kingdom would dare to go against me! Except for him! Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian! It turns out that he was the instigator for today’s scene! If Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian wants me to die, then this is fate! I cannot not die!

“Today, the gods want to kill me.”

Wu Yu couldn’t help but to laugh out loud. Everyone thought that he had gone crazy.

“How unbridled! To lack in propriety in front of the Heavenly Immortal and laugh out loud!”

The officials seemed even more disappointed in Wu Yu.

“You are the shame of Dong Yue Wu!”

The surroundings were filled with comments of a similar nature. Wu Yu did not mind. He felt that his entire world had been crushed. Why would he have to bother with the superfluous words of the people around him?

“Wu Yu, I bestow you with the Spirit Severing Powder.”

Bestow. This word was truly a joke.

Wu Yu was bestowed with the loss of 10 years of bitter cultivation and the destruction of his grand dreams. All of it was going to vanish like a puff of smoke.

From today onwards, he would become a cripple.

He was supposed to become emperor the next day, yet he had his spirit severed.

If one were to look at Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, it would seem as though he was grand and glorious. Yet in Wu Yu’s heart, this immortal had fallen off his lofty pedestal.

“Hao Tian is just the strongest person in this kingdom. It seems that the kingdom has always only belonged to him.”

After swallowing the Spirit Severing Powder, his 10 years of hard work, the dreams that he had held, all turned into dust.

Late at night.

Wu Yu had been coolly sent away to be banished.

He was to become a meat shield, mere cannon fodder.

With his stature, it would be a miracle if he would be able to survive for just 10 days.


All of a sudden, a familiar yet warm voice was heard.

In the cold, prisoner carriage, a dying Wu Yu opened his eyes. A girl was shaking the carriage. Her eyes were bloodshot and her face was streaked with tears.

“Wu You.”

This dignified lady was Wu Yu’s elder sister. She had been nicknamed the “Carefree Princess.” Although they were not of the same mother, Wu Yu had always respected and loved her. She was the one who understood Wu Yu the best in the entire kingdom.

Wu Yu’s mother had died young, leaving him with only Wu You as his sole relative.

“How could this be? How could this be?” Wu You was trembling in the cold powerlessly. She was crying endlessly, her heart extremely pained; it was as though she had been cut with a knife.

“Sister, today’s result was not of my own actions. It is because the heavens wanted to condemn me. Do you understand?” Wu Yu’s hand reached out from within the cage, tightly clutching onto Wu You’s pale hands. He was not afraid of the winter cold, but being able to feel the warmth coming from Wu You had caused the calm Wu Yu to tear.

“I don’t understand what happened, but I believe in you.” Wu You painfully shook her head.

“Then that is enough. I have always had a clear conscience. However, the heavens are unfair. Do not be sad. In my next life, I want to be your younger brother again.” Wu Yu suddenly trembled. The Spirit Severing Powder’s backlash was extremely strong.

“Next life… Next life…”

Hearing those words, Wu You’s face turned pale. She stumbled and fell onto the ground.

At this point, the soldiers in charge of the carriage shouted loudly and the carriage was led away.

The wooden wheels of the carriage knocked against the stone pavement, making ka ka sounds, much like one’s heartbeat.

Looking back, although Wu You attempted to chase after the carriage, she was weak and unable to keep up. Eventually, the carriage left her behind.

Hua la!

All of a sudden, a blizzard descended.

From above, countless snowflakes were falling onto the city.

It was an incomparably beautiful winter night. There were even a few stars in the sky, as though they were the eyes of the heavens, watching over the populace.

Wu Yu’s entire body was covered in snow as he gradually left the territory of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom.


Chapter 2: Three Thousand Immortal Kingdoms

Dong Sheng Divine Continent, Three Thousand Immortal Kingdoms.

Each kingdom of the Three Thousand Immortal Kingdoms had a Immortal Protector stationed there!

The Dong Yue Wu Kingdom was one of them.

Late at night, Capital Wu, Imperial City, Official Harem’s Chambers.

In the depths of the Imperial Concubine Xi’s palace hall, the officials had scattered.

There was only one lit red candle in the entire palace hall. The flame was flickering, adding a slight ghostly feel to the shadows of the people on the wall.

Imperial Concubine Xi had already put on her clothes. Her seductive face was no longer looking pitiful but had a cold charm to it. Her eyes were deep and fathomless, yet one could see that they hid a trace of happiness.

“Thank you, Respected Master, for everything that has happened today!”

Imperial Concubine Xi knelt on the ground, sincerely kowtowing.

“You are my disciple. Wasting an emperor and a crown prince is just a small matter to me as a martial cultivator. This is not worth mentioning. Inform the people of my command tomorrow. Let Yuan Hao be the one to ascend the throne.”

Imperial Concubine Xi was the only one in her palace hall. When Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian gave his edict, no one knew where his voice had come from.

A deep indifference could be sensed from within the depths of that voice.

Yuan Hao was Imperial Concubine Xi’s eldest son.

“Thank you, Respected Master. Xi Er will definitely faithfully attend to all your needs.” Imperial Concubine Xi’s delicate body trembled slightly, her beautiful pupils also wavering.

“Regardless, Yuan Hao is of my blood. Although he does not possess any talent to be a martial cultivator, he cannot be a mediocre individual for the rest of his life. Being an emperor of the mortal world is appropriate.”

If these words were to be spread, they would definitely shock the world. Imperial Concubine Xi’s eldest son, Yuan Hao, was actually Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian’s son!

The relationship between the two was simply chaotic.

“Respected Master, I still feel a trace of worry. That Wu Yu has been a rebel since young. He has many means at his disposal. Although his martial cultivation has been crippled and he has been banished to the front lines as punishment, I worry that he still has an opportunity to rise again.” Imperial Concubine Xi’s eyes shimmered with a red light against the backdrop of the candlelight.

“You can rest easy. I have already sent Wan Qing to dispose of him. You can rest assured, he will not live past tomorrow. Whenever I act, I never leave behind any hopes for a calamity.”

“Senior Sister Wan Qing!”

Imperial Concubine Xi shuddered briefly. Even she was scared of that woman.

Within Dong Yue Wu Palace, people would sometimes disappear at night. It was rumored that a large serpent would appear and swallow people whole.


Kacha! Kacha!

He must have arrived on a mountainous road. The prison carriage shook violently.

The Spirit Severing Powder had already been in effect for a night. It had almost completely crippled Wu Yu’s foundation.

The Martial Way’s first five tiers of the Sky Realm were Forging Muscles, Polishing Tendons, Refining Bones, Strengthening Viscera, and Blood Changing. After going through the heaven-defying Blood Changing, Wu Yu already had the strength of 50 war horses! He would often rush into battle alone, capturing their leader quickly and winning the battle. None could stop him!

However, as of now, his muscles, tendons, bones, and viscera had all been wasted. He did not even have the strength to subdue a chicken.

He forced his eyes open. Dawn should have been approaching, yet the sun had yet to rise. He was shrouded in darkness. There were approximately 100 soldiers escorting Wu Yu to the frontier regions.

A dark-skinned, tall, and large captain of the soldiers sat by Wu Yu’s side, his expression silent and unchanging.

The carriage continued to rumble as it moved. Soon, the entourage entered a small forest.

It was in this moment that something occurred!

Wu Yu was surprised. He lifted his head and looked around. The stone-paved paths in the forest were narrow, hence the escorts were stretched into a long but thin procession. The sky was not fully bright and it was difficult to see what lay ahead.

“There is a fishy, rotting smell!”

This smell reminded Wu Yu of the time he had gone to war with a neighboring kingdom. The enemies had used treasures to entice a demon to assassinate him. On the battlefield, he was able to react in time and instead struck down said demon. When it reverted back to its original form after death, he had realized it was a spider demon!

“Demon!” Only a demon would have such a scent.

“Serpent! Serpent!”

Tragic and mournful screams were heard coming from in front of him.

The entire escort had fallen into chaos.

“It is just a wild beast! Don’t be fearful. Follow me and let’s put it to death!” said the stoic captain who had been sitting next to Wu Yu. He drew his blade and shield, reorganizing the soldiers before rushing ahead to kill the beast. The captain had managed to take control of the situation. However, the tragic cries did not stop. In fact, the shrieks seemed to have become even more miserable.

The demon was quite quick. By the time Wu Yu was able to stand and look at what was going on, his pupils shrank. He could see what was going on.

This was a large, green serpent. It was over 50 feet long. Its body was as thick as a tree trunk and had a three-foot-long tongue. Its sharp fangs dripped with a black venom that could even burn through rocks!

It was shrouded with a thick demonic aura and looked extremely terrifying!


As the green serpent rushed across, the numerous soldiers brandished their halberds and swung down at it, but not even a mark was left on its body! It was clear that the serpent demon had cultivated its essence. It savagely bit and rampaged. Within the group of a 100 soldiers, some had been swallowed whole, some had been torn apart, and some had been knocked over 1,000 feet away, their bones smashed into dust!

“Run! RUN!”

In this brief moment, reality had turned into hell!

Even that captain had been swallowed whole by the demon.

There were only 15 soldiers left, all of them running for their lives. The rest of them had been devastated by the serpent, left as a pile of gore.

“It’s watching me.”

Wu Yu suddenly realized that even when the demon was rampaging, its focus had always been on him.

Thus, when the survivors escaped, the demon did not give chase. Instead, it slowly slithered towards Wu Yu, clearly demonstrating its intentions.

Between the heavens and the earth, there were mortals and there were immortals that descended upon the earth. Often times, immortals would only descend to slay demons.

At the same time, there existed beasts which could absorb the essence of the heavens and the earth and could cultivate to become demons. These creatures would harm mortals, and this serpent was likely one of them. It was clear that it had lived for quite some time.

As the serpent demon approached, the fishy smell assailed Wu Yu’s senses. It was extremely disgusting.


Yet at this point in time, Wu Yu would never imagine that this demon would transform right in front of his eyes!

The huge, green serpent began to shrink. Its flesh and skin began to transform, eventually changing into a green-robed lady right in front of his eyes. Her hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall, her face was long and narrow with a sharp chin. The outer tips of her eyes were slightly raised and her figure was lithe. However, she still possessed the aura of the serpent, instilling fear in all.

“Wan Qing.”

Wu Yu recognized her. She was one of Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian’s disciples. She was often found by his side.

Seeing her was extremely shocking to Wu Yu.

“The sole role of Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, the Immortal Protector of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, is to slay all demons and devils. Who would have known that he was actually raising a demonic serpent!

“I know that in the past 10 years, 1,368 individuals have mysteriously disappeared in the kingdom. All the investigations had no leads and no evidence could be found. It seems like they were all eaten by you, Wan Qing!”

However, Wu Yu understood that since Wan Qing had appeared, it was Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian who wanted to kill him.

Wan Qing landed on the prison carriage. That dark, demonic aura that seeped through felt like tentacles writhing on Wu Yu’s skin.

“We meet again, Wu Yu,” Wan Qing spoke as she flicked out her bright, red, forked tongue, wetting her dark red lips as her dark green eyes affixed her deathly glare at the tasty morsel in front of her.

Looking at the emotionless Wu Yu, she gave a gloomy smile. “Today is the day of your death. You should thank my respected master. He is giving you the opportunity to meet your father in the Yellow Springs. In order to kill him stealthily, he wasted quite a few pills of my respected master.


It was no wonder that his father, in the prime of his youth, had his health suddenly deteriorated and even died within half a year

Wu Yu felt immense hatred towards them for murdering his father! There would be a bloody vendetta!

A raging volcano of hatred viciously surged within him!

“Hao Tian, Imperial Concubine Xi, those two bastards. It’s not strange at all.”

His father was the Emperor, so he had countless wives and children. As a result, those who could receive his affection and love were limited. However, his father was still his father. He had stood his ground when he made his decision to make Wu Yu the crown prince. This was also due to love!

“It’s a pity. There is no way to repay this graciousness.”

Wan Qing showed no mercy.


Both her hands reached out to tear Wu Yu apart. With her demonic powers, she definitely possessed at least 5,000 kg of strength! It was more than enough to tear him apart.

“Evil beast!”

All of a sudden, a roar could be heard from the skies. A golden light arced across.

“A martial cultivator!”

In this brief moment, Wan Qing’s face changed. Without a second word and no longer caring about Wu Yu, she used her immense speed and rushed into the midst of the forest, escaping for her life. Nearby was a large river, and she quickly dove into it, hiding within it. Wan Qing’s entire body was shivering with fear as she ran!

These sudden changes in the face of death had allowed the resolute Wu Yu to feel extremely stunned.


An immortal had appeared in front of Wu Yu. He possessed a head of black hair that flew in the wind, his eyes deep and unfathomable. He looked like a middle-aged man and was extremely handsome. Upon closer inspection, sword qi could be seen weaving around inside his eyes as well as wreathing around his body, causing the earth and dirt around him to flutter. He grasped a golden longsword that seemed extremely terrifying. Even though the immortal was quite a distance away, Wu Yu could feel that sword qi that could penetrate the very heavens!

“I have actually let that demonic beast escape! It will indubitably cause a catastrophe!” The immortal surveyed the four directions, his sword qi fluctuating.


Wu Yu suddenly reacted!

Wan Qing had escaped and an immortal was here! He had managed to come back from death’s door!

Chapter 3: Jindan Immortal

That immortal naturally saw him. He pointed his finger at the prisoner carriage and it shattered instantly.

Despite being severely injured and feeling weak throughout his body, Wu Yu still insisted on staggering down the prisoner carriage towards that immortal. He gave several loud kowtows and used all his strength to say, “Immortal,  Heavenly Immortal!  My name is Wu Yu and I’m the crown prince of Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. I was framed and have landed in such a state. I sincerely plead Immortal to take me as your disciple!”

He raised his head and saw the immortal looking silently at him, not revealing the slightest emotion.

“Please take me in as your disciple! I will dedicate my life to you so as to repay this gratitude!”

After going through such a huge calamity and wanting to take revenge for his father’s death, for crippling him, and for the countless lost lives of the ordinary citizens of the kingdom, Wu Yu was currently in the lowest point in his life. If this Daoist Priest was willing to help him, Wu Yu definitely was willing to use his life to repay him.

He had always been like this. An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Similarly, if he was indebted to others, he would also repay them fully.

“Respected Master!  Disciple Wu Yu pays respects to Master. I hereby swear that I will remain respectful of Master for my whole life and will definitely repay this kindness that you showed on me.”

He knew that if he missed this opportunity, he probably wouldn’t have any hopes left for his life.

This immortal was probably shocked by his attitude.

“Your foundation wasn’t bad and you could have possibly cultivated the Immortal Dao. It’s a shame that you were hit by the Spirit Severing Powder. There’s no hope for martial cultivation in your lifetime, so I cannot accept you as my disciple. To be a disciple of I, Feng Xueya, you have to have talents that triumph at least a hundred thousand people,” the immortal said coldly.

This situation struck Wu Yu like a bolt from the blue.

He had expected this long ago.

However, he wasn’t someone who would give up so easily.

“As long as Immortal is willing to keep me by your side, I’m willing to do anything for you!” Speaking till here, Wu Yu’s consciousness had already turned blurry. “

The Spirit Severing Powder truly left one’s spirit severed and weak.

“You are suffering from the effects of the Spirit Severing Powder. However, I, Feng Xueya, am not willing to be involved in the matters of mortals.  Forget it, I’ll let you enter my immortal sect and be a servant for ‘Yanli.’”

While still in a groggy state, Wu Yu could feel that he was being carried by the clouds and was flying through the mist.

That was something that even Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian couldn’t do!

“I did it.” Even in his unconscious state, Wu Yu revealed a smile.


Pa pa!

This was the sound from the burning and crackling of firewood. It was getting louder and louder.

“Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian! That bitch, Imperial Concubine Xi!”

In a loud bang, Wu Yu woke up drenched in perspiration. He sat up from a bed and stared at the surroundings.

“It was a dream.”

Recalling back, given that he was still alive despite being in such perilous situation previously, the immortal must have brought him to his immortal sect.

Wu Yu looked around and noticed that he was in a wooden hut. This wooden hut was very simple, but was neat and clean. There was a tea set, tables, chairs, cabinets and other things.  In the middle of the room, there was a fireplace. This gave Wu Yu a little warmth amidst the chilling winter.

Wu Yu took a deep breath. Despite the fact that his body was still weak, Wu Yu felt very comfortable. He noticed that there was something different in the air of this place that nourished his heart.

“Just as I thought. This is spiritual qi. This is definitely not a place in the mortal world. Spiritual energy can’t be so dense there. If I could have practiced cultivation in this place from young, I would have reached the seventh tier of martial cultivation, or even the eighth tier by now.”

He felt joy in his heart. This had to be the immortal sect. However, his mind was mature and he knew that he was afflicted by the Spirit Severing Powder. He remembered that the immortal wanted to make him a servant to attend to “Yanli.”

That should entail rearing beasts, cleaning, cutting firewood, watering the flowers. and other tasks.

Thud thud!

Sounds of footsteps were coming from outside the hut, and soon the door creaked as it was pushed opened lightly. Wu Yu looked up and saw that it was a hunchbacked old man. His body was skinny and he was shorter than Wu Yu by a head. He had a head of silverish hair, wrinkles spreading throughout his face, and murky eyes. The old man was wearing a serious face on him and didn’t seem to be fond of Wu Yu.

“You are finally awake. Quickly, get up, get changed, and do your chores.” The old man was very stern and staring at Wu Yu with his murky eyes. This sent a chill down Wu Yu’s spine.

Wu Yu observed him and noticed that the old man was wearing something held by a red thread around his neck. This object was a two-inch-long metal rod. At the two edges, it was gold in color and felt like it was made of gold. In the middle, it was black and seemed to be made of black metal.

“This is an immortal sect. Since you are here, you have to remain here for your lifetime. To survive in this place, you have to know the rules of this sect. Since the upper echelon has arranged for you to be here, you have to work diligently. Do not speak frequently, follow the rules, and don’t cause me any trouble.” The old man threw dark blue clothing onto Wu Yu before heading to the next room.

Wu Yu could roughly understand the situation upon hearing these words. It should be that the immortal had arranged for him to be at “Yanli” to be a servant. After which, he was assigned to the old man, who would be leading him, to do work.

“This old man doesn’t seem to be too fond of me, huh?” As Wu Yu was still feeling confused, he quickly got up and changed into the new clothing. The effects of the Spirit Severing Powder had wore off and he felt more alert. However, his battered body was like a withering plant, weakened and full of holes.

A short while later, the old man walked out from the side room. He brought out a bowl of soup that was still hot and passed it to Wu Yu. “Drink it.”

Wu Yu was born in the palace and could tell with one look that the ginseng soup had been made with a very old ginseng that had to be very valuable. There were only the two of them in the hut. Clearly, the old man had made this specially for him. Based on this, the old man should be the type that seemed cold externally but kind internally and he didn’t dislike him.

“Thank you, Old Uncle. My name is Wu Yu. How should I address you?” He would have to adapt to the surrounding. Wu Yu had a strong desire to take a look at this immortal sect that belonged to the legends.

“You can call me Sun Wudao,” said the old man as he rushed him to quicken up.

“Uncle Sun.” Wu Yu finished the bowl of ginseng soup quickly and instantly felt more refreshed. The great exhaustion over this period of time had also received some replenishment. This had to be some spiritual medicine of the immortal sect for it to have such an effect!

“Keep up!”

At this moment, Old Man Sun Wudao had already opened the door to the house and stepped out. Wu Yu followed behind quickly. After all, he owed a debt of gratitude to him for taking care of him. Therefore, it was natural for him to listen to the old man’s instructions.

After Wu Yu stepped out of the door and took a look, he was instantly shocked. It was winter time, so the thousands of mountains should’ve been covered with thick tiers of white snow. However, what was in front of him was a boundless lush, green forest and endless mountain peaks enshrouded in immortal fog!  Amidst the immortal fog, one could vaguely see a countless number of magnificent, vast, and beautiful palaces and pavilions. The palaces at Capital Wu couldn’t even be compared with some of them.

This was simply equivalent to the land of the immortals!

Just how Wu Yu had always imagined them to be, the palaces in heaven should be like this.

Wu Yu was currently in the middle of a tall, lush, green mountain. There were several gravel paths in the vicinity that extended to the peak and foot of the mountain.  Sun Wudao was walking on one of the gravel paths leading to the foot of the mountain. Wu Yu followed behind. As he stepped on the gravel covered by moss, the surrounding spiritual qi flooded towards him. All of a sudden, he felt like he was in heaven and had gone beyond the material world.

“Land of the immortals!” Being his first time in this place, Wu Yu was feeling agitated.

Sun Wudao walked quickly at the front and said, “Before we head to Immortal Beast Garden, I will only explain it to you once.  Our immortal sect is an immortal sect for cultivators. However, it’s a little unique compared to others. This is because the various Dao techniques of this place are all related to swords. Therefore, we are known as Sword Cultivators. Our immortal sect has a domineering name: Heavenly Sword Sect!”

Heavenly, throughout the skies! It was indeed domineering. With just a name, an aura roiled forth, making Wu Yu recall the golden sword of the Sect Leader. That aura from the sword could indeed sweep through the heavens.

“The Heavenly Sword Sect spans across the land of multiple kingdoms. Our sect is located in the Bipo Mountain Range, which possesses the densest spiritual qi across different kingdoms. The entire Bipo Mountain Range is the size of half a kingdom. Within it, there are countless cultivators who are practicing cultivation!  Their goal is to become an Immortal of the Heavens, a real immortal!

“Mortals are not allowed into the Bipo Mountain Range. In the eyes of the mortals from several kingdoms, the Bipo Mountain Range is equivalent to the heavenly palace!  And you are currently standing on the mountain known as Yanli Peak, located within the Bipo Mountain Range.”

Upon hearing these words, Wu Yu was getting a little agitated. So that’s how it was. So a real immortal sect looked like this!

Sun Wudao continued, “You should know that the Heavenly Sword Sect is very big. Among which, the supreme leader is our Sect Leader. He is also the one you met previously. We don’t usually get to see him around and he is the most powerful person, known as a Jindan Immortal! I think that he is close to becoming a real immortal by now!  Below him, there are various elders and other senior cultivators.”

So the one who saved him was actually the supreme Sect Leader.

“Other than that, there are also various disciples.  Among which, the most precious of all are the core disciples.  After the core disciples, it would be the external disciples. The number of external disciples is a few hundred times higher than that of the core disciples.”

“The truth is that within the Bipo Mountain Range, we, the servants, are the most common around. The cultivators are usually busy with their practice, while we are responsible for their meals, house-cleaning, feeding their immortal beasts, planting spiritual herbs, cleaning the palaces, and many other tasks. A core disciple will have at least a hundred servants, while an external disciple will have ten servants.”

Wu Yu was very grateful to Sun Wudao.  Not only had he taken care of him, he had even given him an introduction to the real immortal world.

“Remember all of this!” At this point, Sun Wudao turned his head around before emphasizing each word. “As a servant, we have to follow the guiding principle: never offend the immortals!  Don’t even offend the external disciples. Otherwise, we might provoke disaster. This wouldn’t simply be about you, I would be affected too! You have to carve this in your mind!”

Wu Yu had grown up in the palace, so he knew how to position himself. To put it bluntly, in the Heavenly Sword Sect, he was of the lowest level. It was the complete opposite of his position when he was still in Dong Yue Wu Kingdom.

“Don’t be demoralized. Even the servants have some hopes. The majority of the servants are young children with barely qualified talents brought back by cultivators from the mortal world. I was also brought to this place because of this in the past. In this place, one can understand cultivation and has the opportunity to practice the Buddhist Gate of Enlightenment. If your talents are indeed great and you can reach the sixth tier of the Body Refining Realm by the age of 15, you can also become a real disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect and have the opportunity to really become an immortal in the future by passing some assessments. I happened to miss the deadline by a year and couldn’t enter the immortal sect and take the path of the immortal.

Sun Wudao seemed reluctant to accept this. As he spoke of this, his expression turned grave as he probably recalled something from the past.

Wu Yu only remembered one key point: as long as he could reach the sixth tier of the Body Refining Realm by the time he was 15 years old, he would have the chance to enter the immortal sect….

15 years old, 15 years old!

He was 15 years old now and would be 16 in another two months. He would forever miss out on this opportunity.

“What a shame that I have been crippled!”

Wu Yu clenched his fist tightly. Otherwise, he would definitely fight for a chance for this opportunity.

If he couldn’t become an immortal, how was he going to kill an immortal?

“I forgot to mention that the so-called Body Refining Realm is equivalent to what the mortals call the Sky Realm. The sixth tier of our Body Refining Realm would be equivalent to the sixth tier of the Sky Realm.

If Wu Yu had not been hit by the Spirit Severing Powder, he would be confident in achieving the sixth tier in just a few days.

What a shame, what a shame!

Just like Sun Wudao, he was a step away from entering a real immortal sect!

After getting off the mountain peak, they traversed through the mountain ranges and soon arrived at another tall mountain.

“Above this place is where you will be working in the future, the Immortal Beast Garden. Follow me up.”


“What kind of immortal beasts are in the Immortal Beast Garden?” Wu Yu thought to himself.

As he climbed the tall mountain, Wu Yu was starting to feel a little tired. Nonetheless, he was still feeling rather excited.  After all, the shocks he was getting from this immortal sect were truly too big.

After climbing over a thousand stone steps that were covered in green moss, the Immortal Beast Garden was finally right in front of him. However, at this moment, following a sharp shriek, a huge animal soared to the skies right in front of Wu Yu!

In the sky, snow-white giant birds were flying. They were over 20 feet long when they spread their wings, and they had black and white feathers with little red spots as decorations. One of these flying beasts could clearly tear a tiger or a leopard apart. Squinting his eyes to take a closer look, Wu Yu identified them as the Immortal Cranes recorded in the legends.

On one of the Immortal Cranes sat a young girl in a white dress. Wu Yu could only see her back. The green silk from her dress fluttered in the wind. She had a slender waist and snow-white skin. Dancing with the Immortal Crane was an image Wu Yu had in his mind about an immortal girl in a heavenly palace. This was the kind of form an immortal girl from the heavenly palace should have and was completely different from the norms of the mortal world.

“She feels a little like Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian!”

She was definitely an immortal. Any immortal could give Wu Yu the impression Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian had given him. This was also sufficient to show how powerful and outstanding she was!  And there should be quite a number of disciples that were similar to her

At this point, Wu Yu clearly understood that Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian wasn’t the master of this world. In this world, there were plenty of people who could completely crush him.

He was not an immortal.

At this very moment, the young girl in the white dress turned around.

Her features were delicate and she was definitely a peerless beauty. However, her expression was cold and her eyes were just like the butterflies who had lost their breath. Just like how the laws of nature were cold, most of the cultivators were the same.

“Lower your head!” At his moment, Sun Wudao rapped Wu Yu’s head fiercely.

“This is the Peak Master of Yanli’s Mountain, Heavenly Immortal Su Yanli!  Not only is she a main disciple, she is also a direct disciple of the Sect Leader. Among all the disciples, her authority is probably the highest. She isn’t someone you can look at directly!

“Wu Yu, remember this: within the Heavenly Sword Sect, you have to lower your head whenever you encounter any heavenly immortal!” Sun Wudao looked at him with burning eyes.

“Lower your head, or you die.”

The last six words kept reverberating in Wu Yu’s ears.

He could tell that Sun Wudao was very nervous.

“So the path of the immortals is even more merciless!”

Chapter 4: Wu Yu’s Death

Yanli Mountain, Immortal Beast Garden

This particular garden was home to over 10 Immortal Cranes. These Immortal Cranes were extremely noble creatures. They refused to eat anything but delicacies, and could even eat the immortal treasures of the martial cultivators.

The Immortal Crane was a type of spiritual beast. It possessed the bloodline of a true immortal beast.

Legend had it that these immortal beasts were even more powerful than demons or devils. They could soar through the skies, unshackled to the earth, and were powerful enough to overturn seas. They were as mystically powerful as dragons, phoenixes, and qilins.

“Sun Wudao, who is this?” When Wu Yu arrived at the garden, a large group of tall and strong individuals immediately surrounded them. They did not seem to have pleasant looks on their faces. These individuals were young and strong. Furthermore, they had been tempered within the immortal sect for many years and had boundless vitality and energy.

“If these individuals were placed in the mortal world, all of them could become high-ranking generals!” thought Wu Yu in his heart.

“He is called Wu Yu. It is said that the Sect Leader brought him back from his travels.” Sun Wudao was the most senior individual here, yet he was not respected at all.

“Sect Leader? Haha. Don’t jest.” The group of servants began to laugh. The one which seemed to be leading the group then stood up. “Since he was someone brought back by the Sect Leader, then he must definitely be an unparalleled genius. Why don’t I test him out?”

His name was Zhao Chuan, and he was the head of the 100 odd servants on Yanli Mountain.   He was 30 years old this year, in his prime. It was said that he was at the fourth tier of the Body Refining Realm, possessing the ability of one at the Strengthening Viscera tier.

“No!” Sun Wudao used his frail and skinny body to shelter Wu Yu before shouting, “He was poisoned in the mortal world and has been crippled. Please don’t trouble him.”

Wu Yu had never imagined that at a time like this, Sun Wudao would protect him, not even hesitating to go against this group of servants. Wu Yu silently took note of this kindness in his heart. If not for Sun Wudao, he would likely have received a beating, especially since he was new.

“Oh, turns out it’s a piece of trash. Let’s get the unpleasant things out first. Regardless of whether you’re trash or not, you will have to do your work. If you miss even one thing, you will pay with your life. I, Zhao Chuan, am not someone who will sympathize with trash.  Furthermore, Immortal Su is the one who handed me the responsibility of caring for this garden. She trusts me,” Zhao Chuan said without any restraint.

“Boss Zhao, please be at ease. If he does anything less, I will make up for it myself,” Sun Wudao replied.

“You will, you old bag of bones? Are you even able to?” Zhao Chuan gave a cold smile before turning and shouting to the group, “Brothers, you have to do your jobs well today. There are a few immortals who will be paying a visit to Immortal Su. You need to take good care of their Immortal Cranes. If anything happens, you will have to pay with your mongrel lives!”

“Yes, Sir! As Boss Zhao commands!” everyone answered.

As there was something important that had to be done, Zhao Chuan could not be bothered to continue troubling that pair any longer.

Not long after Zhao Chuan’s command, the sounds of Immortal Cranes could he heard amidst the mist in the skies. Several huge Immortal Cranes descended into the garden and then several youths unmounted them.

All of them were not very old and looked about Wu Yu’s age. They all wore exquisite robes that looked even more elegant than those worn by even the Emperor! The males had an impressive air of nobility and boundless vitality. The females were extremely graceful and possessed flawless snow-white skin. They were cheerful and lightheartedly talking. They inspired envy.

“If I had not been afflicted with the Spirit Severing Powder, I might have been able to become one of them.” Wu Yu stood by the side, respectfully lowering his head, not even daring to look at them directly. If he dared to do so, it was likely that this group of immortals would discipline him.

“Senior Apprentice Su, we are here to learn the Immortal Dao from you today.” Several of the immortals were smilingly walking towards Yanli’s palace. The surrounding rabble was not deserving of their attention.

After the immortals had left, Zhao Chuan started shouting his commands loudly. “Take care of the beasts properly!”

Sun Wudao did not speak much and directly showed Wu Yu how to feed and take care of the Immortal Cranes. Wu Yu had gotten a grasp of the rules around the place and hence began to diligently learn and execute his tasks, all to ensure that Sun Wudao would not get into any further trouble.

In the blink of an eye, it was evening. Su Yanli had given the word that the gathering was over, so all of those fellow immortals had to leave the mountain. Wu Yu and Sun Wudao were like father and son, lying on top of a large, azure rock to rest. Wu Yu then asked Wudao about the details of the immortal sect to get a better understanding of the numerous matters regarding the sect, cultivation, and Sun Wudao himself. All of a sudden, they heard someone shouting in panic. The two of them immediately rushed over. There was an Immortal Crane vomiting and defecating all over, looking extremely berserk.

“That is a crane of one of the visitors!”

Upon seeing this sight, everyone began to panic. Even Zhao Chuan was trembling with fear. It was right at this time that the immortals were leaving Yanli’s palace. One glance told them everything.

“My Ling Er!” A handsome youth ran out from within the crowd. He was garbed in a black and white robe with a jade ornament clasped onto his waist. On his back rested a jeweled longsword.

“Who was the one who took care of my Immortal Crane?” That handsome youth bellowed out loud, looking furious. His voice reverberated through everyone’s ears. Sun Wudao was almost frightened to the point that he fell off the rock.

Bluntly speaking, no one was assigned any Immortal Cranes in a specific fashion, and everyone fed whichever crane was available. Furthermore, all of them looked the same, so who would know who fed which one? Furthermore, this had nothing to do with the caretaker. Perhaps something had happened to the food that was fed to the cranes.

“Wu Yu! It was you!”

At this point in time, a pale-faced Zhao Chuan shouted out.

“Who is Wu Yu!?” The handsome youth’s tone turned icy.

Everyone’s gazes shifted and landed squarely on Wu Yu.

Wu Yu was also dumbfounded. This was the first time he had come here, he had no idea what had even happened.

“You deserve death!”

Situ Jin, the owner of the crane, immediately brandished a whip. Without a word, he rushed in front of Wu Yu. The whip was raised up and, like a bolt of lightning, was lashed downwards. The whip had struck before anyone could hear anything. Wu Yu himself had yet to see anything happen, but the clothes on his chest suddenly split apart. A fearful, bloody gash appeared on him. He was struck flying backwards by the enormous force of the strike and smashed against the azure stone, practically half-dead.

“I fed the Immortal Crane,” Sun Wudao said as he stood up, his eyes trembling slightly.

Just as Wu Yu’s willpower was about to fade away and he was about to faint, he heard those words spoken by Sun Wudao.  He had never imagined that Sun Wudao would help him, even in such a moment of crisis.  Today’s kindness was deeply etched in his heart. Whenever something had to do with him, he would not implicate others for his own actions. This Zhao Chuan had seen him as trash and had wanted to use Wu Yu to solve his problems. However, this was Zhao Chuan and Situ’s problem. This had nothing to do with Sun Wudao.

“It has nothing to do with him!” Wu Yu struggled to stand. He did not know where this strength came from, but he pushed Sun Wudao away. These were the principles he lived by. He could not let someone else suffer for him.

Although he had entered an immortal sect, he was unable to accomplish his dream of becoming an immortal. Even when he was about to die, he was doomed to forever be a mediocre individual, doomed to serve others and doomed to live as someone of the lowest rank. Hence, even though he had gotten a second chance, Wu Yu did not hold much hopes of overthrowing his destiny.

“How audacious! What I hate most is seeing someone who clearly cannot take another strike still act like a courageous fool,” said Situ as he gave a cold laugh. The whip arched backwards and lashed down onto Wu Yu’s body like a poisonous snake, lacerating his flesh and leaving it in a mess. Wu Yu smothered a scream as he was forced onto his knees. His chest felt as though it was on fire, a burning, lancing pain.

“Forget it. This Wu Yu is a cripple. Even if he dies, it won’t change anything. We, on the other hand, cannot die, we are still in the prime of our lives and can still labor on behalf of Immortal Su.” This was what most of the rabble were thinking to console themselves.

“This is truly scary. Good thing it wasn’t my Mei Er. Otherwise, I would die of sadness. It looks like Situ Jin’s anger is warranted. These servants truly deserve to die. If we don’t kill a chicken to scare the monkeys, they truly won’t be obedient.” A female immortal spoke out.


Situ Jin was out to kill someone. The whip then struck down right onto Wu Yu’s head, cracking it apart. Right at this moment, Wu Yu lost all sense of consciousness.

Chapter 5: Milky Way Suppressing Godly Metal Treasure

Late at night.

Sun Wudao’s eyes were red and his skinny body was kneeling on the ground. In front of him lay a freshly dug but untidy grave. The bloody streaks on Wu Yu’s body had been washed clean and he was lain on a grass mat, peacefully lying inside the grave.

“Wu Yu, although we were strangers that met by chance, that too is fate. I will henceforth leave to you a gift from my ancestor which has been passed down for hundreds of years. It is no more than a piece of scrap metal, but my father has always told me to continue to pass it down. I have never had a wife or a child and thus I will gift to you the Milky Way Suppressing Godly Metal Treasure. When you arrive at the Yellow Springs, with this piece of scrap metal, you will at least own yet another memory…”

After which, Sun Wudao removed the red string necklace that held the metal in place, looped the necklace around Wu Yu’s neck, and letting it rest on his chest. After kowtowing thrice, he filled the grave up and marked it with a wooden tombstone: “Grave of Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s Crown Prince, Wu Yu”

Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s Crown Prince, with his limited life, shone brilliantly.

Sun Wudao had only known of Wu Yu’s mortal title when they chatted while lying on the azure rock.

“Your Uncle Sun will guard your grave for seven days and seven nights.”

It was said that after Su Yanli had heard of this situation, she even scolded Situ Jin. She let Sun Wudao bury Wu Yu and ensured that he would take those days off.

At night, Sun Wudao leaned against a tree trunk, staring at the starry sky.


At this moment, the tombstone for Wu Yu fell down.

“What is going on?” Sun Wudao remembered that he had firmly implanted the tombstone into the ground.


All of a sudden, a hand stretched out from within the grave.

Sun Wudao was so shocked he took three steps back, his face pale white as he stumbled and fell onto the ground.

The grave was turning over right in front of his very eyes. Another hand burst out of the ground, pushing the soil away.

The rosy-faced and vigorous Wu Yu began to climb out of the grave. He stared at Sun Wudao with wide eyes and spoke in an embarrassed tone, “Uncle Sun, I haven’t died. Why did you bury me in this grave? I almost suffocated to death for real!”

He didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

However, the injuries from the previous beating still remained. When he tried to move his body previously, it was with great pain that he was able to do so.

“You didn’t die?” Sun Wudao was quite shocked. He knew that Wu Yu’s injuries were very serious, yet he really did not die! This was a miracle

“Of course. You can’t take my life with just a few whip lashes.” Wu Yu felt as though he had just slept for a bit.

“That’s good.” Sun Wudao stood up and let out a rare smile.

“Come. Lets go drink to celebrate the fact that you did not die!”

Sun Wudao had kept a gourd of wine hidden for countless decades. Although he had poured half of it onto Wu Yu’s grave, there was still half remaining. They would not return home until they were drunk.

After drinking, the two of them lied down on top of the black earth, staring at the skies.

“Wu Yu, do you hate Situ Jin?” Sun Wudao asked.

“I hate him. I want to kill him,” Wu Yu replied frankly. The attitude of those immortals was appalling. They treated the servants like grass. Their lives weren’t even equal to those Immortal Cranes.

“You cannot hate them. You are not allowed to hate them. Mortals cannot challenge immortals. Wu Yu, please promise this,” Sun Wudao spoke with a solemn tone.

Wu Yu did not know how to answer.

“They are geniuses of the heavens. They were born to rule over us. We are just mortals, just ants. They can easily squish us to death. Thus, we definitely cannot hate them. The more we hate them, the less likely we will be to live on.”


Sun Wudao had taken care of him when he had fainted for many days. Even today, he had tried to shelter him from the other servants, and when he was made a scapegoat, he also tried to take his place. All these acts of kindness had already been engraved onto Wu Yu’s heart. Thus, Wu Yu did not want to let him worry about him anymore.

“I was at the cusp of becoming an immortal during that year. If I had succeeded, then I would not have had this regret my entire life…” Sun Wudao said as he stared at the skies, sighing sorrowfully.

This was his life’s greatest regret.

However, this was also Wu Yu’s current regret. He could empathize with this feeling. He was extremely close to being an immortal as well!

“Where is the Milky Way Suppressing Godly Metal Treasure?” Sun Wudao said as he stared at Wu Yu’s chest with much astonishment. Wu Yu then realised that although the red string was still around his neck, the small piece of metal that it was strung to was gone.

“It might have dropped into the grave, let’s go search.”

The two of them searched for quite a while but couldn’t find anything. That little piece of metal had completely disappeared. Afterwards, as the two of them collapsed on the floor in tiredness, Sun Wudao let out a bitter smile. “Forget about it. It was a piece of scrap metal anyways. Even if we lost it, then so be it. After all, you’re still alive. That’s what’s important.”

Wu Yu was also exhausted after that search.

With the sky as his blanket and the ground as his bed, he fell asleep.

In his dreams, he dreamed of a gigantic pillar that stretched into the skies.

That gigantic pillar soared into the clouds, its tip directly stabbing into the heavens while its bottom was impaled into the bottomless earth. It looked both majestic and tyrannical.  It was wreathed in immortal mist while the entire pillar shined with golden light. It was truly a shocking sight!

On it were several large words.

“Ruyi Jingu Bang!”

Each word, when read, weighed upon Wu Yu’s head like a mountain.

It was truly mind-blowing. Too mind-blowing!

“What is this heavenly pillar? Just what is it?” Wu Yu could not tell if he was in a dream or reality.


Immediately after, the five words on the pillar changed, transforming into countless smaller letters. When examined, it read, “Invincible Vajra Body. When fully cultivated, one will become exceptionally powerful, able to kill through all 8,000 heavenly palaces and wreck the 10,000 tiers of hell! One will possess a skull of copper and bones of steel, a body forged with a myriad of metals. The weapons of gods and immortals will cause no harm. The Heavenly Dao’s immortals cannot vanquish you!”

Below these words could be seen a chant with over 10,000 words. However hard Wu Yu tried, he was only able to remember the first 1,000 words.

Invincible Vajra Body, first tier.

“I am the Heavenly Domain’s Great Sage, the Heavenly Buddha Domain’s Victorious Fighting Buddha! Fated one, accept my legacy and defy the heavens and destroy all that stand in your way!”

A boundless, tyrannical, and penetrating voice reverberated within Wu Yu’s mind~


Wu Yu was so frightened he was shocked awake. It turned out it was only a dream… The sky was already bright and the scorching sun had already risen near its zenith. Beside him was Sun Wudao slowly roasting a rabbit. He sprinkled some spices onto it as the delicious smell wafted in every direction. Seeing that Wu Yu had awoken, a pair of wrinkled hands passed over a bamboo pipe filled with hot water. “It’s morning. Drink some water.”


Wu Yu was still feeling dazed by that stunning dream.

That giant, sky-reaching pillar, the Ruyi Jingu Bang, the Invincible Vajra Body, and those words that were spoken. They were too domineering. Too shocking. Wu Yu’s mind was still reeling in shock.

He did not hear anything that Sun Wudao said.

“Uncle Sun, I’ll head back first.”

The place they were at was not too far from their wooden house. It was just a small hill away.

The reason why Wu Yu was so anxious to go was that he had suddenly realised that he could still remember the chant for the Invincible Vajra Body. Furthermore, it was an extremely clear recollection. It was firmly engraved within his mind and impossible to forget!

Although he had only been injured yesterday, Wu Yu now realized that he had completely recovered. As he was completely clothed, Sun Wudao could not see that he was no longer injured. As though he had changed to a new body, he was completely fine from head to toe. Although he could not confirm that the Spirit Severing Powder’s effects had been reversed, all he had to do was test it out himself. Thus, Wu Yu wanted to rush off to find a quiet environment.

“Alright.” Sun Wudao nodded.

Sun Wudao followed him in the end. Wu Yu first let his uncle rest before entering his own room, then he began to experiment with the chant. It was truly outrageous. He could clearly remember the unbelievably complex chant.

“Invincible Vajra Body’s first tier. Those in the Body Refining Realm can practice it. It is the Heavenly Domain’s strongest and most profound foundational Buddhist Gate of Enlightenment.”

“The Heavenly Domain? Where is that? Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal, Victorious Fighting Buddha… just who might that be?” Wu Yu felt extremely perplexed.

He knew that the world was vast. Just the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom alone was bordered by more than 10 other kingdoms. There was the Nan Shan Zhao Kingdom and the Bei Feng Su Kingdom! However, he didn’t know of any Heavenly Domain.

However, this was not important at the moment. What was important was that Wu Yu guessed that he had been reborn again and received good luck.

He was feeling extremely excited. This was unprecedented.

However, he wanted to confirm what had happened.

He began to practice the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom’s martial art. After a moment, he realised he could utilize it!

If not for the fact that he was afraid of drawing attention to himself, he would have screamed out excitedly.

This meant that he had completely recovered from the harm caused by the Spirit Severing Powder! Although he had to start cultivating from the beginning, he still had the hope of cultivating to even greater heights! He was no longer worried that he would not be able to join a sect. He would definitely gain an opportunity within 100 years if he worked hard!

“I, Wu Yu, have suffered in silence. Yet now I have finally been reborn!”

This sentence belied untold bitterness and regret.

“Ruyi Jingu Bang, the Milky Way Suppressing Godly Metal Treasure, this legacy. All of this has come from Sun Wudao’s little pendant! This was something that belonged to Uncle Sun. I want to share this with him and we can both cultivate the Invincible Vajra Body together!”

Wu Yu wanted to find Sun Wudao immediately to share the news.

Yet, right as he had that thought, he experienced a head-splitting pain!

“Ugh! I can’t believe my good fortune! It seems that this legacy does not want me to share this knowledge with Uncle Sun. It doesn’t want to be spread.” Wu Yu was speechless over this fact. It was clearly something that belonged to Sun Wudao, yet he could not even return it.

He calmed himself down.

“Uncle Sun is already 100 years old. He is quite old and it is unlikely that he can continue to cultivate, even with the use of miracle medicines…”

His train of thought stopped here as he gave up on trying to find a way to let Sun Wudao learn this cultivation technique.

“However, his dream was always to enter a sect and become a Heavenly Sword Sect disciple!  If I can achieve this on his behalf, he will definitely be very happy. He may not live for much longer, and I don’t want him to have any regrets. From today onward, I have to make use of the remaining month’s time and enter this immortal sect! I must definitely do so!”

Sun Wudao had previously chatted with Wu Yu about the dreams he had in his youth whilst they lied on the azure stone. That year, he had just missed it by a step, and it was his deepest regret.

Wu Yu felt an incredibly strong desire in his heart to become an immortal!

He would become an immortal!

He had to have his vengeance and repay his kingdom!

The Dong Yue Wu Kingdom belonged to him. It was something his ancestors had left to him! He would realize the dream of a 10,000-year kingdom!

At this point, Wu Yu also remembered what Sun Wudao had previously told him about cultivation.

“The Sky Realm’s 10 tiers are similar to the immortals’ Mortal Body Refining Realms. It is also simply known as the Body Refining Realms.

“Within the Body Refining Realms, there are 10 tiers. They are split into these tiers: Forging Muscles, Polishing Tendons, Refining Bones, Strengthening Viscera, Blood Changing, Opening Meridians, Spirit Congealing, Body Rebirth, Immortal Transformation, and Spirit Ascension. The first tier, Forging Muscles, is as its name suggests: to train and develop one’s muscles. When the tier has reached its completion, one gains the strength of a warhorse!

“The second tier is Polishing Tendons. It requires one to continuously refine and strengthen one’s tendons. Once it has reached completion, one’s combat ability would soar and one would possess strength equal to five warhorses!

“After which, one will refine the bones and internal organs and then undergo the heaven-defying Blood Changing. This is followed by opening one’s meridians starting with the Ren and Du before opening all the rest. Next, one will concentrate their spirit and let it combine with one’s fleshly body to undergo bodily rebirth. Lastly, one will reach the tier of Immortal Transformation, where they will prepare themselves for immortality and finally ascend! With the strength of one’s spirit aiding them, upon reaching Spirit Ascension, one would have the strength of 2,000 warhorses!

“At that point in time, a single individual would be able to fight off 1,000 soldiers. All of the Martial Gods in the mortal world at the 10th tier of the Sky Realm are at this tier!

“However, the Spirit Ascension realm is only the beginning of the path of the Immortal Dao!

“After the Body Refining Realm comes the Qi Condensation Realm. It is said that one will gather and refine some kind of energy within them and lay down the roots of immortality.  Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian and all of the core disciples, like Su Yanli, are at this realm. They already possess the strength to overturn rivers and seas. There is nothing they cannot do!

“However, there is an even stronger realm above the Qi Condensation Realms. The Sect Leader is an example of it. He is a Jindan Immortal!”

Upon thinking of that man, Wu Yu’s gaze became heated. If he could become his disciple, he would be able to soar through the heavens!

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